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Monday, April 20, 2015

Really Scary Stuff

I am beginning to see that so very much of the conspiracy theory stuff that I used to read while breastfeeding the boys is coming true much more quickly than I'd hoped. But it's coming more or less the way I'd read it would. Part of me is disappointed that not many people seem to care. I think people are waking up, but slowly, with a snail's pace in a world that's speeding toward global tyranny at the speed of sound.

I've written a lot of crap on this blog--please excuse-moi my lack-of-French; we are trying so hard to use language better here at the Gingerbread House (GH)--and I've written some stuff when I've been angry, or stressed, or resentful, or drinking too much wine. So, I hope soon to start looking through some of these posts and delete some stuff, although I'm sure that some stuff has made it around the 'net. It's not that my beliefs are so much different, but that I am learning that I should be much more gentle with how I state them. I still don't like all the socialist stuff that people are welcoming into the U.S. I don't like taking babies from their moms, even with mom's supposed permission, and giving them to strangers. I am realizing that as messed up as my brain is, I am relatively unscathed compared to some. On the other hand, I have done a lot of things without good judgment in my life, without the benefit of knowing that my brain works very similarly to the attention-deficit disordered brains that I have read about, or at least an ADD on-line test says so.

I spent a lot of time trying to convince Support Dad (S.D.) that he has Asperger's Syndrome and when we took the test, guess who scored in the highly-likely range: Moi! My therapist also seemed to notice, without any testing, that I have the components of the syndrome. I'll probably write more about that later, but for now, I am obsessed with stopping SB277 in California. It mandates vaccines for those who in any shape, form, or fashion are involved with the public schools. On a schedule that the state of California decides. With no room for spacing out vaccines or avoiding certain ones. Even with the knowledge that the Vaccine Compensation Injury Board--and keep in mind that they only deal with rather serious injuries, and do not award compensation to all who apply--has paid over $3 billion since 1986. Oh, I've read a lot of stuff, but nothing I have read leads me in any way to want any more vaccines for my body. Or for my children's bodies. The pharmaceutical companies, if they funded a study of moms who've seen vaccine injury, would probably make the moms sound really weird, discrediting the information that comes from the person who gave birth to the child they've seen injured. Many children have been injured within hours of their birth. Some have died. To force vaccines with such a safety record on children, to force anything in the mouth or other orifice of a child, by government decree, is especially distasteful to those of us who love freedom. If you're the praying type, please say a few prayers that we moms who support vaccine choice in California (and across the nation) are fighting to keep parental choice. There are many pro-vaxxers who are for freedom of choice.

But the media are fighting us. The pharmaceutical companies are funding this fight, more than likely. Did I read that 70% of media budgets are made up of pharmaceutical company ads?  Whether this statistic is spot-on or not, anyone who watches television or reads most mainstream magazines can tell you that the advertising budgets are huge. Two or more pages of ads in Parade Magazine sure ain't cheap.

So now, and really, I must get back to getting my kids off the computer and on some math--I appreciate the break and to be able to talk with you. Do some research on SB277. It will be coming soon to your state. If it hasn't already.

Oh, and if that isn't tyranny enough, look what's happening in Michigan.

If the newly-introduced bill is passed, it will require all homeschooled children to be registered with their school district, and to have social workers pay two home visits every year.

Why, oh, why?!? And here's where things get fascinating. It came about because some woman evidently killed her children and put them in a basement for two years and told everybody she was homeschooling them.

I know. But I'm not kidding. No, this is real. My children, as well as most of the homeschooled children I've ever met, are always, always, always with the mom. If I am without my children, it's when they are either in a class or with their daddy for a couple of hours. We've always homeschooled. Because a murderess, then, uses the homeschooling ruse, the state of Michigan is so ignorant regarding homeschooling that they fear all homeschooling moms will use this ruse. Is that it?!? I mean, I really don't see the connection. At all. Maybe this article is a hoax, but I don't think so. Legislators are really worried about this, supposedly. Even the grandfather of the children who died supports this bill:

“I believe this bill not only will have a part in monitoring children’s education… in some cases, save lives." Maybe they just have these kinds of homeschooling murderess moms in Michigan. I sure hope they stay there. I've seen homeschoolers from California to North Carolina and I've yet to meet one who wanted to or had, to my knowledge, murdered her child. Maybe this woman start some kind of epidemic among homeschooling moms. I doubt it, though. I'm betting she wouldn't last long in many homeschooling groups, certainly not if her children were in the basement, dead, instead of attached to the hip as my children and the children of most homeschooling moms I've ever met are. Oh, well, not the ones whose children are grown. Most homeschoolers that I've heard and read about do really well as adults. Really well. Holding up to their morals and beliefs and such. Oh, so maybe that's the problem that the government has with those of us who choose not our local government brainwashing center for our children.

Whatever the case, SB277, currently scheduled to be voted on by the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday (there have even been some shady deals going on with that committee, or so it seems), has certainly alerted me regarding how ignorant our own legislator rule-givers are regarding the homeschooling laws in California. And now, with homeschooling being drawn into the vaccine debate via SB277, the door is wide open for some crazy crap like what's happening in Michigan to head over to the West Coast. Ponder that one while I go help my not-government-brainwashed children to learn some math. While I still can.