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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tax Breaks for Egg Donation Divas

The adoption industry has been so very successful in separating families that now, young women are growing up thinking that adoption is better than giving birth--it's certainly more green, as the catch word goes these days. You're not creating another person to consume the earth's resources; you're merely taking a child and recycling it. Of course, this is quite contrary to what God says in the Old Testament about creating (go forth and multiply), but when have governments and the power elite ever been concerned about following anything that God says.

And so, in this week's Parade, America's Fabian Socialist mouthpiece, supposed genius Marilyn vos Savant received this odd question:

I donated eggs to a fertility clinic and have to pay taxes on my compensation. The funds were intended to offset the effort and the discomfort involved. Do you think this is right?

Ah, poor stupid bitch (SB). This dumbass has given away her family ties for some money and hates that she has to pay taxes on it. What a bummer, eh? I think that we can say here that this kind of thing is all about the money. But what about her future children?!? They will be out there, somewhere, wondering why they don't fit into what they perceive as their natural family. Or, if they know that their mother is not their actual mom, they will wonder about their mom, their grandparents, etc. But subsequent generations of SB will be forever separated from one side of their natural family. But that's okay, isn't it? I mean, guys are always going around impregnating people with sperm and so now, thanks to the bra-burning women's libbers of the 70s, women can do this with their eggs.

I somehow think that God is wondering what the hell happened with His plan and why potential mothers are so very eager to give their future generations to strangers. For money.

There is, however, more than one stupid bitch in this story. SB #2 is the supposed smartest person on earth or whatever. Vos Savant shows that she has no respect for families and no indication of what egg donation is doing to future children. As always, this is all merely about the infertiles:

Parents everywhere give their heartfelt thanks to egg donors, and I think government should make this gesture to do this same.

Not this parent, SB2. No, this parent, who was separated from my natural family as an infant, wants no part of egg donation. It is unnatural and harmful to those children it helps to create. But they will be as grateful to their dad and stepmother (which is what those who receive the egg donation really are--they are not mothers) as adoptees are, and probably just as confused and disconnected from their identity.

But it's okay. After all, the infertiles are getting what they want. They're the ones with the money. Really, that's all that matters, isn't it?!?


ipf said...

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marilynn said...

You're funny. Who are you where is there more of you? I reunite separated families for free. My friends who are birth certificate challenged will think your perfect.