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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So This Makes Me A Homophobe?!?

No, I don't want gay people to adopt. But I don't want straight people to adopt, either. But this belief, of course, being that it goes so very contrary to mainstream media's propaganda, certainly makes me into a homophobe.

"Homophobe" is the word that so many Gay Agenda Persons (GAPs) use to describe anybody who, even in a teensy weensy way, is not totally for the GAP legislation du jour. Right now, you'd think that we were tarring and feathering those who have relationships with people of the same sex. That's what you'd think. Really, you would.

FB was about to drive me crazy today, with all the red and pink profile pics with an equal sign in pink. If you have one of these on your profile pic, you agree that the government should legislate marriage between two men or two women, changing the definition of marriage that has last for millenia. I also notice that GAPs never seem to be too concerned about polygamists, who could also use some equal rights. Of course, polygamists usually bother to have their own children. They don't go down to the local adoption agency or hire a womb or some sperm. So, I guess they're not as disenfranchised as those who choose to cohabitate in a way that naturally cannot bring a child into the world.

So, I'm traditional. And against much of the agenda that the GAPs are trying to foist upon us. And no, I don't think it's good that my children listen to NPR and hear a guy call his boyfriend a "husband." And no, I don't think it's good that children are on NPR saying that they were born the wrong sex and they need hormones and an operation to correct that supposed problem. But these are the things that are happening with the GAPs in charge of the world.

Look, I used to date women and I can tell you now that lesbians are pretty much all alike in their support of the GAPs. And they will pretty much all call me a homophobe even though I've only met a couple of gay people in my life that I truly feared. I've really met more straight people that I feared than gay people. But that kind of logic doesn't matter to GAPs. In fact, nothing matters more than changing the world, and legislation, to fit their lifestyle.

Sure glad I didn't keep dating women.

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