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Saturday, March 30, 2013

North Carolina, the Pu$$ified?!?

I first read about the Confederate flag controversy when I was skimming Earthlink news. It made the national headlines, being that Confederate flags are oh, so politically incorrect these days. I even read a mainstream article the other day that talked about how very, very about slavery the War Between the States was, that it had nothing at all to do with states' rights.

The P.C. Police have descended on what I consider to be my home state (some of you might remember that I was born in Richmond, Virginia, being that my natural mother was pretty much imprisoned there during most of her pregnancy with me). But North Carolina is where I was raised and I'm so very disappointed to see that at the old N.C. State Capitol, has decided to bow to the politically correct and deny its heritage. Oh, so much for the New South. A South in which we must forget and deny our heritage as North Carolinians because somebody from the NAACP says it offends them. Oy Vey! As the Jews would say.

Oh, but it's okay. N.C. is taking it down, proving that the men who fought so hard to retain the freedom of the South (and not just to own slaves), have morphed over just a couple of generations into a bunch of Southern pu$$ie$. You know I'd only use that term if I have to. I hate to see it happen. So many people in North Carolina have been washed in the Civil-War-Slavery-Only mentality that it's easy to see how a complaint from the NAACP (with the ACLU lurking in the background, no doubt) has reduced a state that once claimed to be "first in freedom" into a mutant of itself. All to please a politically correct crowd.

Oy Vey, indeed.

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