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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just Another Reason To Hate the L.A. City Council

I leave L.A. for a few weeks and look what happens. The L.A. City Council certainly knows best what we need to ingest. I guess a ban on large soft drinks is next. After all, we in L.A. certainly must keep up with New York City.

Boo Hoo, do I hear a baby crying? No, I hear its MOTHER crying. She is whining about smoke outside a pot dispensary:
Among those who spoke was a woman who complained about having to push her baby's stroller through clouds of marijuana smoke near dispensaries in her East Hollywood neighborhood.

Trust me when I say that I know moms in L.A. I know how they whine and whine; why this woman seems to think she's forced to push her baby stroller through smoke is beyond me. Of course, she could go across the street or she could just realize that pot smoke isn't the worst thing in the world. Btw, her "East Hollywood" neighborhood is an anomaly. In the Valley, I've seen several pot stores and they are all really nice. Any pot smoke I've seen has certainly been kept inside the store, whether I've been in Eagle Rock or the SFV. Sure, I went to one once that was beside a strip club and that was not a great experience. But did I petition the L.A. City Council?!? No, I just said I would not go there again. You see, I have this funny way of thinking: When there's something I don't like, I just don't do it. If there's something I don't want my children to experience, I simply don't take them to whatever place it is. I don't try to ban everyone else from doing whatever it is and I don't try to shut someplace down. Of course, this is why I'm such an outcast in L.A., where mothers think they are raising everyone else's children, in addition to their own. While the Colorado shooter, and many other shooters, are high on legal prescription drugs, I don't see anyone going on a shooting rampage after only smoking marijuana. Oh, but that smoke--it's just so very dangerous. It doesn't kill anyone, though. You can argue that smoke itself is not good, and L.A. and its surrounding suburbs are certainly trying to outlaw smoking in public, but marijuana smoke per se is no more dangerous than cigarette smoke. Nonetheless, busybody mamas in L.A. have to have something to do all day.

This news really makes me almost sick to my stomach. Having bought marijuana illegally in North Carolina for a number of years, before I moved to California, I can tell you that going to a pot store and taking a few minutes to make my selection is much better than screwing somebody because they have pot connections in the illegal market. But no, the Leviathan members of the L.A. City Council don't want us to buy marijuana safely, in a neighborhood pot store. They want us to do it illegally, on the sly; they want mamas and daddys and all the other adults who use this natural drug to put ourselves in dangerous situations to buy some pot. Oh, and btw, although I am very much for individual decisions and think that we should all be able to decide which drugs we want to ingest, please allow me to note that many of us do have medical reasons for using pot. And that many of us use it to avoid the pharmaceutical concoctions that the burgeoning Big Pharma cooks up for us; we want to avoid those concoctions that, as the previously cited article shows, may make us want to shoot people we love and such. Oh, I'd really like to skip those things. I certainly avoid pharmaceutical drugs whenever possible, although I think that these drugs have every right to exist, and that sometimes, the benefits outweigh the risks. But marijuana is a demonized plant that God gave us. Given by God; demonized by government. Why are 14 city council people telling me that I can't legally use it?