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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time to Give Up?!?

It's been over three months since I wrote in this blog. There's so much going on. On New Year's Eve, a time when most media professionals were on holiday, King O. signed the NDAA, which basically obliterates the Constitution--yes, even more than it has been obliterated--and allows any subsequent king to give orders to detain anyone. If you think there's a Constitution to protect you, you are so completely wrong. And so, I guess nobody really cares much anymore. Most people seem to be totally clueless as to how our republic is being destroyed. And really, what can we do?!?

Ron Paul has been doing well, despite the media's portrayal of him as either a rude idiot, at worst; or a non-contender. It used to be some kind of conspiracy theory to think that the government puppets' owners control the media as well, but now, it's hard to see how anything else could be possible. Otherwise, the dumbed-down masses would not be so confused by the liberal/conservative b.s., and by peripheral issues such as "gay marriage," that they do not realize how quickly and easily the puppeteers have taken control of this country, and of them. (I already hear those who will call me homophobic because I referred to gay marriage as a peripheral issue.)

It shouldn't surprise me that some of my anti-adoption friends--yes, those who are all against the government's interference in obtaining the government licenses called birth certificates, and who are all for the government's support of single moms, but not at all for the government's support of adopters--it really shouldn't at all surprise me that some of them are all for King O's plan to put everyone's body under government control via Obamacare. I actually heard some of the arguments this week on NPR regarding the Supreme Court's decision on whether or not the individual mandate for health insurance is Constitutional. Hint: It sure as hell ain't! Nonetheless, there are people actually arguing--because I heard them--that we need to have the mandate because then, all the sick people will be covered. In other words, we are forced to help others, whether we want to or not. There is no freedom when we are forced to do something. But most of us seem to dumb to realize this simple fact.

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