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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Coming Police State is Here

I used to be really concerned with adoption, and I still am, but there are more pressing things in this Union. Sure, it was a sign when the L.A. Times stopped printing my less-than-flattering adoption essays. It was a sign not only of creeping totalitarianism, but also of the demise of mainstream media. No longer will the gatekeepers keep me from my free speech. I'll just start a blog!  So many people have indeed done this kind of thing that many adoptees and moms who've lost a child or more to adoption have kindly promoted my blog, which is totally cool. I guess it would be more accurate for me to say that I used to think that adoption was the only problem. But now, I see that there are so many other problems in this world, in a world that is losing freedoms by the hour.

I am beginning to see the fruits of lost freedoms, especially here in Los Angeles. We have a neighbor who is totally and completely out to harass us. Having just come from North Carolina, where dogs can run free and we have almost two acres of land on which to make that happen, we were trying to adjust to life in a city filled with leash laws, all for the greater good, of course. True, it'd be difficult if dogs weren't on a leash around here, but it wouldn't be impossible. Nonetheless, our NeighborHood Bitch (NHB), who is really just a sad old lady, has got it in for us. She wrote us a rather lengthy letter about how we should treat our dog and of course, she blamed me for all the lies that she told about us. It is my fault, for instance, that things are totally out of control, as she put it. I'm not afraid of NHB, but she is living in the wrong neighborhood. On the other hand, our 'hood is not the greatest place in the world to raise children, for sure. There aren't many other kids around and there is NHB, who, despite having worked with children, seems to despise children, at least ours. She tries not in the least bit to help, but rather, threatens us with city ordinances and such. Today, our dog got out again--the first time she's done so in a long time--and I was trying to get her back in and a car screeched to a halt just in time to miss her. Oy! And so, a person who had been nice to us because of our dog just a few short weeks ago was yelling at me and saying that our dog is "always off the leash," which is not true, but is merely his perception.  As with NHB, there was no assistance offered from him, no real caring for either the dog or us, but merely a fierce reprimand based on his incorrect perception. In the city, you have to be perfect and always have your dog on a leash. Mistakes can be deadly and today's almost was. But did the A$$hole Guy (AG) really think that I was trying to make this happen? Why wasn't he helpful? Why did he yell and get angry? It wasn't even his business.

Ah, but in the brave new world that the puppetmasters are creating, laws have replaced common sense and people, such as NHB, are no longer interested in helping. Nay, they are much more interested in yelling and blaming and reporting, exactly what our politicians want. Sure, we do keep our dog on a leash and in fact, we had just returned from a long, leash-filled walk at Franklin Canyon, where everybody got some good exercise. But the neighbors have been trained not to help but to report. Now, my children and I will stay inside (we'd been outside, trying to dig a hole to plant something) and we will try to make ourselves invisible. Children are not looked upon very highly in this 'hood and neither are their parents. Nobody wants to help anyone else, but everybody wants to call the authorities. Perhaps this attitude is making its way to more rural places as well. And so one day, probably no one will be able to escape police state thinking. But for now, part of me is looking forward to being in North Carolina this summer, where, for the most part, people leave you the hell alone.

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