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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The L.A. City Council: Fighting Freedom AND Jobs

Nobody I've heard has complained about pot stores in L.A. I've heard some comics sing their praises, of course, but I've never heard anyone complain about them. And I live in the midst of San Fernando Valley suburbia. So, who's behind the L.A. City Council's plan "to ban medical marijuana patients' cooperatives and collectives outright"?

Evidently, it's not enough that they limit the hours and control the prices and close down marijuana collectives, as they've managed to accomplish in the past year or so. For instance, the cool pot store at the edge of my neighborhood was closed down a few months ago, after the LAPD took all their marijuana edibles (a good alternative for those who don't ingest the herb by the more dangerous method of smoking it), inquiring about how much to eat to feel the effects. No, I'm sure that the LAPD won't be taking any of that stuff back to their families. They're just inquiring, I'll bet, out of curiosity, just because they care about medical marijuana and want to know more. Yeah, I'm sure that's it. I guess that's why the LAPD also took the store's security system. The owner, a really cool guy in his 70s, had invested his 401K retirement plan money into the dispensary. It was a great store and very convenient. It employed 8 to 10 people. After the owner lost $25,000 in the first shutdown, and more in the second, the store closed down. So much for jobs and putting people to work and such.

The elite who run the government seem really to want to control us. Is somebody funding this L.A. city council effort who stands to gain from selling illegal marijuana? I do know that the L.A. city council is messing in people's business and trying to destroy jobs, in the midst of a recession. One such councilperson seems especially against freedom. I'm guessing that Jose Huizar's ancestors, as with most Americans' ancestors, came to this country for more freedom. Ah, the irony that Huizar wants not only to take away that freedom, but also to take away, by his own admission, a "multimillion-dollar industry." Are taxpayer-funded Obamajobs going to take care of all those unemployed people?!? Why is Huizar so very content to destroy L.A. business?  Here's a quote from the wise one himself.

"It will mean shutting down over 300 dispensaries but I don't see we have any other choice," Huizar said in a telephone interview after the City Council hearing, reports AIDSOVERSIXTY. "If we do nothing, we will see dispensaries pop up all over the city."

​"What we're doing is putting a multimillion-dollar industry out of business in the city of L.A.," Huizar said.
It's hard to believe with such quotes that he was actually elected to any American office. Unfortunately, he's not the only politician I've heard lately who seems to pride himself on restricting freedom. Hey Jose, you've already closed down a bunch of dispensaries. And if pot stores are indeed popping "up all over the city," maybe you should let the people of your fair city reap the profits of this industry. What's wrong with a multimillion-dollar industry in the midst of a recession?!? Apparently Jose needs some basic Economics 101 lessons. And fast.
I saw a worker being trained the last time I was in the pot store. I guess she'll be out of a job soon, if Jose and his taxfeeding comrades lay their iron-clad fists on this industry. Maybe she can go down to Occupy L.A. and sit with the rest of the un- and under-employed.  Jose's idea of L.A. restricts freedom from a God-given plant. How much longer will we be able to grow tomatoes and other veggie fare without the L.A. Council coming down on those things as well? Or is Jose's plan simply a plan for the illegal drug trade to thrive? I'm not sure what Jose's strange freedomless line of thinking comes from or is going toward, but I sure am sorry that it seems to be infecting the minds of the other L.A. City Council members. It's a real shame that the Occupy L.A. folks aren't protesting this loss of freedom with the same fervor that they are protesting, well, whatever it is that they are protesting. Apparently, allowing people to buy a natural herb freely is as threatening to the L.A. City Council as ending the Federal Reserve is to a Senator. Government positions everywhere are all about ending freedom for the people who pay the salaries of those who limit our freedom. Elected folks such as Jose Huizar are more than happy to oblige.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pre-Thanksgiving Horror

I have been absorbed in the story about Mary Ann Holder, from Pleasant Garden, right outside Greensboro. She was a mother, yes, and someone who looks a lot like me, i.e., she was white, she had children, she was chasing a guy who'd gone back to his wife. I can certainly understand her anger toward the guy who went back to his wife. And on a more personal level, one could argue that if BtL and MSG were forced to look down the barrel of a shotgun, it might do them both some good. I am not, however, the person to make that happen. In fact, as much as it hurt me to have what I thought was a friend from high school treat me like total dog poop, the extent of my anger was to leave them alone. That's not to say that I didn't pass by his house while I was in N.C. or that I didn't go there twice to dump off his stuff, but I never thought about doing physical harm either to BtL or to MSG. What good would that do? And even though it seemed like the end of the world at times to have what I thought was such a good friend betray me in such awful ways, I never ever thought about harming myself or my children. Never ever. In fact, I would have to say that as much as I want to live and love living, if I felt like it was all a wash and I needed to kill myself, which I pray I will never feel, I can't imagine doing any harm at all to my children. I brought them into this world, thank God, and if I don't feel like living anymore, I certainly want them to remain alive.

And so, like the Guilford County sherriff's office, I am totally flummoxed by this whole thing. I guess that most normal people can see how she'd want to shoot the guy she was seeing, Randy Lamb. He was hurt the least, by the way, of all her victims. And surely I can somewhat understand that she would want to kill herself. Not that I would do that or want to or condone either shooting in any way, but both of those shootings make a lot more sense than her shooting her two sons; her niece and nephew, who'd been living with her since her sister died a few months ago; and her son's girlfriend, a truly innocent bystander in all this mess. Really, there was no need to kill those children and killing someone she gave birth to seems like one of the most awful sins there is. Or as we used to say when I was growing up, "People's getting mean." And they are. One of Holder's sons went to the same high school that one of my adoptive cousins went to. Pleasant Garden, every time I've been near there, certainly lives up to its name. And that is one reason that this whole story is so very bizarre and tragic. It happened in a place and to people that normally these kinds of things don't happen to. What was wrong with Mary Ann Holder? How could she possibly pick up her son from his sleepover, after having killed his brother, his cousins, and his brother's girlfriend? Why, oh why, didn't she just leave him at the house where he had his sleepover before she killed herself? I read a timeline of the shootings and apparently, her 14-year-old son, a little while before his mother killed him, wrote a thank you text to the people who had the sleepover. What a polite young man. What a shame that his mother killed him.

People are going to want to prevent this kind of thing in the future, of course, and they'll do so by creating more of a police state. Probably, more than anything, the government schools are somewhat responsible for this mess. I think of what John Taylor Gatto said about government schools producing a bunch of addicts and people who have incomplete lives and it makes sense to think that there will be more of these kinds of tragedies in the future. I understand that she was in pain and that she may have thought her pain would never end, and I understand that government schools are often a source of pain for so many of us. I remember one of my favorite government school teachers talking about suicide one day and telling us that no matter how bad we may feel, things will always get better if we give it some time. He'd probably be fired for saying that today.

As a parent, you really have to work hard these days to get rid of the conditioning that the "public" schools give your children, eight or more hours each day. I have no idea what Holder's background is like or what her childhood was like, but I can almost guarantee you that she went to a government school. I'm not saying that everyone who goes to a public school will snap like this (let us surely hope not), but in an atmosphere where pharmaceutical drugs are lauded, guns are banned, and there is zero tolerance for any misbehavior, some kids won't make the cut or some, like Holder, will make the cut and one day, will do something tragic such as this. Government school students are so very often treated like lab rats and so, it's likely that some lab rats won't fare as well. My guess is, and I hope I'm wrong, that just like school shootings have escalated, the kind of crime that Holder did will also escalate. Boy, do I hope I'm wrong.

Sure, she learned somewhere to be so selfish and in despair that she felt she needed to kill some innocent children before she killed herself. It would be wrong to blame only the government schools, but if Gatto's theories are correct, the government schools must receive some of the blame. Perhaps she was indeed mentally ill and she, along with her boyfriend's wife, had some anger issues to deal with, but shooting children?!? Her children?!? Sorry, but there's really no excuse for this kind of thing. I think that Holder's tragic actions show problems with our society, problems that have their origins in a school system that is all about mediocrity and conformity and no longer much includes God in anything. Students spend over 12 years in these institutions and most kids are more heavily influenced by schools than by their parents; according to Gatto, this is by design. When people look at such tragedies, the media often blame things on lack of gun control, but it is the people who have the guns, and their lack of morals is the problem.

Some have been saying on message boards that Holder was mentally ill. As my kids would say, Well, duh! Of course, she was not thinking clearly. The first thing I thought of when I heard about this crime was that the shooter was probably on some kind of pharmaceutical drugs, an anti-depressant or something such as that. I'm curious to know if she was on pharmaceutical drugs, but I know that often, when mothers do crazy things such as this, as in the Andrea Yates case, the mom is on pharmaceutical drugs that affect her brain. I'm not saying that all people who take anti-depressants are in danger, but I ain't planning to take those things myself. I do know that when I took them, a few years ago, they made me half crazy. Luckily, I did no harm. Perhaps I am trying too hard to find meaning in this tragedy or some kind of reason for it. It is indeed so very awful. And yes, it is highly unusual for an area such as Greensboro. Although there's right much crime there, there's never been anything like this. There might be again, though.

People will yell about preventing this kind of thing in the future, but you really can't. At least, not by increasing the police state. Already, the TSA is working on predicting who will be a terrorist by facial expressions. How long will it be before people's houses and minds will be invaded to find out if the government thinks they're going to commit a crime? As tragic as this whole situation is, I'd rather not have more government intrusion into my life as a result of it.

You can often prevent this kind of thing by teaching children right from wrong and by keeping families together, physically and emotionally. But that is not our world today. I recently wrote in my Comic Mom journal about an acquaintance who had sex with a stranger at the swimming pool of a hotel. I also heard about someone who was having sex outside a bar with a stranger. As much as I am for freedom, and as much as many would condemn lots of my actions, I can't help but wonder why somebody who's in their 40s, as both women were, would do such a strange and crazy thing. With a stranger. How did sex get to be such a throwaway public performance instead of the intimate sharing between two people that God seemed to intend?!? Look, my life ain't perfect. And I sure don't have this whole thing figured out, especially the sex thing. But I don't go around f'in' strangers in public. Having said that, at least nobody was harmed with the sex stuff, except for the people doing the act. Still, it shows a disrespect for sex that I believe is connected to the same lack of morals that Holder had to have. In Holder's case, sex and her inability to deal with its consequences led to murder and suicide. Could such moral-free thinking be developed in our God-free government schools, by teachers who have been brainwashed in psychology and such, and by curricula developed by a rather God-free federal government?

Families are all spread out and people often die alone because their families have left them. The government schools are all about breaking up families, as Gatto says, and our society shows that they are doing that part of their job precisely as designed. Holder was certainly all alone in a lot of ways and certainly, it was fabulous that she took in her sister's children. It's just too bad that she killed them.

Please keep this family, especially the dad who lost two sons, in your prayers.