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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nicole Kidman's Rented Womb

Oh, how I do ever dislike the whole rent-a-womb crowd. It shouldn't surprise me that Nicole Kidman has joined that particular bunch. Nicole, when she was married to Tom Cruise, took two children from their moms. Word has it that one of the children has a dad who fought to keep his child, but Tom Cruise had more money and won. I'd really like confirmation on this story. Either way, it has always seemed like to me that celebrities who adopt would more likely help the child by giving the child's parent(s) a huge grant, something that would allow the mom, for instance, to stay with the child until the child is five or six. But no, this kind of do-goodering would not allow the celebrity to have a child to be raised by a nanny and plastered all over People Magazine and such. (See Sandra Bullock, whose supposedly good samaritan deed has rarely gone unpublicized by magazines these past few months.). And so, Nicole, who saw no need to bother with helping two natural families stay together, could not have possibly had qualms about growing her eggs and Keith Urban's sperm in somebody else's womb. Paying someone else to gestate. Lovely.

I think that Nicole actually had a child of her own a few years ago, but I'm not exactly sure. Either way, it sure is easy to work as an actress when somebody else is carrying your baby. Having said that, Nicole may have desperately wanted to do the honors in the baby-carrying department and it is indeed sad, as always, when a woman wants her own child and is not able to carry it. Still, it seems oh-so-ever wrong to hire someone else to do the carrying.