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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The L.A. City Council: Fighting Freedom AND Jobs

Nobody I've heard has complained about pot stores in L.A. I've heard some comics sing their praises, of course, but I've never heard anyone complain about them. And I live in the midst of San Fernando Valley suburbia. So, who's behind the L.A. City Council's plan "to ban medical marijuana patients' cooperatives and collectives outright"?

Evidently, it's not enough that they limit the hours and control the prices and close down marijuana collectives, as they've managed to accomplish in the past year or so. For instance, the cool pot store at the edge of my neighborhood was closed down a few months ago, after the LAPD took all their marijuana edibles (a good alternative for those who don't ingest the herb by the more dangerous method of smoking it), inquiring about how much to eat to feel the effects. No, I'm sure that the LAPD won't be taking any of that stuff back to their families. They're just inquiring, I'll bet, out of curiosity, just because they care about medical marijuana and want to know more. Yeah, I'm sure that's it. I guess that's why the LAPD also took the store's security system. The owner, a really cool guy in his 70s, had invested his 401K retirement plan money into the dispensary. It was a great store and very convenient. It employed 8 to 10 people. After the owner lost $25,000 in the first shutdown, and more in the second, the store closed down. So much for jobs and putting people to work and such.

The elite who run the government seem really to want to control us. Is somebody funding this L.A. city council effort who stands to gain from selling illegal marijuana? I do know that the L.A. city council is messing in people's business and trying to destroy jobs, in the midst of a recession. One such councilperson seems especially against freedom. I'm guessing that Jose Huizar's ancestors, as with most Americans' ancestors, came to this country for more freedom. Ah, the irony that Huizar wants not only to take away that freedom, but also to take away, by his own admission, a "multimillion-dollar industry." Are taxpayer-funded Obamajobs going to take care of all those unemployed people?!? Why is Huizar so very content to destroy L.A. business?  Here's a quote from the wise one himself.

"It will mean shutting down over 300 dispensaries but I don't see we have any other choice," Huizar said in a telephone interview after the City Council hearing, reports AIDSOVERSIXTY. "If we do nothing, we will see dispensaries pop up all over the city."

​"What we're doing is putting a multimillion-dollar industry out of business in the city of L.A.," Huizar said.
It's hard to believe with such quotes that he was actually elected to any American office. Unfortunately, he's not the only politician I've heard lately who seems to pride himself on restricting freedom. Hey Jose, you've already closed down a bunch of dispensaries. And if pot stores are indeed popping "up all over the city," maybe you should let the people of your fair city reap the profits of this industry. What's wrong with a multimillion-dollar industry in the midst of a recession?!? Apparently Jose needs some basic Economics 101 lessons. And fast.
I saw a worker being trained the last time I was in the pot store. I guess she'll be out of a job soon, if Jose and his taxfeeding comrades lay their iron-clad fists on this industry. Maybe she can go down to Occupy L.A. and sit with the rest of the un- and under-employed.  Jose's idea of L.A. restricts freedom from a God-given plant. How much longer will we be able to grow tomatoes and other veggie fare without the L.A. Council coming down on those things as well? Or is Jose's plan simply a plan for the illegal drug trade to thrive? I'm not sure what Jose's strange freedomless line of thinking comes from or is going toward, but I sure am sorry that it seems to be infecting the minds of the other L.A. City Council members. It's a real shame that the Occupy L.A. folks aren't protesting this loss of freedom with the same fervor that they are protesting, well, whatever it is that they are protesting. Apparently, allowing people to buy a natural herb freely is as threatening to the L.A. City Council as ending the Federal Reserve is to a Senator. Government positions everywhere are all about ending freedom for the people who pay the salaries of those who limit our freedom. Elected folks such as Jose Huizar are more than happy to oblige.

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