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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sperm Donation: Just What It's Meant To Be

In L.A., it's hard to spit without hitting a comic, an adopter, or some woman who's used a sperm donor. And so, I haven't written much about the whole thing lately. Btw, I know many an adoptee or sperm-donor-created comic who is trying to turn tragedy into comedy by standing in front of people and working out issues for laughs. It's really a pretty good way of dealing with losing a parent or parents, considering the options. But the truth is that between adoption and sperm donation, many of us are losing our genetic heritage, and suffering because of it. Nonetheless, the elite want this kind of genetic confusion, or else it wouldn't be celebrated in all kinds of magazines and newspapers all over the world. Try printing an anti-adoption article in your local newspaper; let me know if they'll print it.

Nonetheless, every once in a while, we see some kind of article that touches on the bad stuff about adoption or sperm donation or such. This particular article, for instance, tells about the problems of sperm donation. But it does not say that women should be smart enough to avoid anonymous sperm donation altogether, which would put these places out of business. No, that would be against the genetic confusion that so thrill the elite. It is only in such a state of familial confusion, without natural family to help, that people will be thrilled to turn to the state for help. And that's where the elite really thrive: Getting people to turn to the government instead of their families for help.

Therefore, the government wants not to end sperm donation, but to regulate it, to control it a bit more. Ah, yes, more government control on something that's going to affect generations of children, many of whom will never find out one whole side of their family.

Critics say that fertility clinics and sperm banks are earning huge profits by allowing too many children to be conceived with sperm from popular donors, and that families should be given more information on the health of donors and the children conceived with their sperm. They are also calling for legal limits on the number of children conceived using the same donor’s sperm and a re-examination of the anonymity that cloaks many donors.

One wants to say that if donors are dumb enough to give away or sell their sperm and if a woman is willing to have her child lose one whole side of the family, well, then let them go ahead. But then again, it's not either of these adults who will suffer, but the children that they spawn. And their children's children. And their children's children's children. And so on.

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