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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Is God Really in Control of This?!?

First, let me say that I do consider myself a Christian, although not a very good one. I believe it's dangerous, however, to attribute things to God's will when I am probably not wise enough to know what is in God's will and what isn't. Having said that, I contemplate my own life quite often and sometimes, in hindsight, I try to figure out what was God's will. But I do that in my own life, not in the lives of others, especially not babies. Nonetheless, there is a group of religious folk that, despite their protests, profit quite nicely from adoption. They are a bit more modest, of course, at least when it comes to adoption:

Obviously we are not in control of this process---God is! When you try to rush things and get a baby in your time instead of His timing then things never work out. God is COMPLETELY SOVEREIGN and He has been and will work in your lives for your good and His glory. If you try to put the puzzle together yourself you will miss the work that He is doing in your heart and life.

and then there's this lovely passage:

But in the end when you place yourself in the center of God's will for growing your family, then it is time to sit back and enjoy the ride. If it takes one month or one year for that child to find his/her way into your family realize and accept that God's timing is perfect! Don't try to worry about tomorrow or be envious of those around you who have what you want. Place your trust in God who already has your future planned out. He knows the desires of your heart to be a parent to a child through adoption.

Funny how the adopters are not supposed to "be envious," but if they really weren't envious, they'd be helping a mom to keep her baby, don't ya think?!?

And I really super duper love the way these supposed Christians act as though they're not making money on adoption transactions. How much does God will, I wonder, for the adopters to pay the agency for their "gift," i.e. infant? See what happens when you try to figure out what's God's will as you play some kind of strange chess game with infants and their natural families? See how it seem as though God has a big chessboard and is moving around children like pawns. Attempting to save some supposed queen perhaps?!?

Someone passed along this Web site on Facebook and I really appreciate it. Adoption propaganda such as this used to really bother me, but it doesn't so much anymore. I do marvel, however, at how far some Christians have come in swallowing the adoption lies that a greedy industry has been perpetuating for years. It's a real shame, isn't it?!? Even though this "Christian" agency's social workers are matchmakers for adopters and children taken from the natural mothers that God gave them, it is God, of course, who's in control. So, God is not only taking away a child from his or her mother, the only mother who can custom make milk for the baby that has grown inside her, but God is also, if these folks are to be believed, responsible for finding the right strangers to take this child from the mother. I don't remember reading about such a God-oriented ritual in the New Testament. Even the Old Testament's story of Moses illustrates that in the end, the child goes with his or her natural family. At least that's how I'd interpret that story. But the adoption industry, a $1.6 billion dollar biz in the U.S., has laid claim to Moses as well, passing him off as the world's first Biblically-sanctioned adoptee or some such.

Anyway, I'm having an especially difficult time with Christians who think that it's okay to break apart natural God-created families to fulfill some kind of strange Orwellian scheme. I'm sure that the Christians, if they read this blog, would think that I'm crazy for suggesting such things. But those of us who have thought deeply and circumspectly about adoption would think I am more or less sane.