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Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome to Amerika!

As we raced Pinewood Derby cars with my Bear and Wolf scouts and their little brother, a self-proclaimed "nothing scout" yesterday, I felt helpless. As an American, I am supposed to have some say in what my representatives do. At least that's what the Constitution seems to call for. For the past 100 years or so, the Constitution has been ignored more and more until finally, yesterday, we became conscious vassals of the state, of a federal government that is primarily owned by China, a country that has bought most of our debt. What was I supposed to do to stop this mess? None of the calls I've made to Congress seem to work. My well-meaning self-proclaimed "liberal" friends cannot stop name calling long enough to stop and look at what this health care bill is going to mean for them; and those on the dole are simply ecstatic that the government will be giving them something seemingly for free. People have been fooled by the government schools for so long, believing them also to be free, that most are economically ignorant, an excellent position for the government to take over care of their bodies. So-called liberals who campaign vehemently for abortion as a woman's right have no idea what kind of control they're giving to the government with their whole bodies. My well-meaning self-proclaimed "conservative" friends dislike this bill but I've heard some of these so-called conservatives more than willing to compromise and have a bill with which the government still controls their health, just with lower costs or more of an illusion of freedom. Many of these conservatives are also fine with paying taxes to kill people in other parts of the world, but are quite aghast at the supposed death panels that will eventually come via rationing as a result of this bill. There's hardly anybody anymore who truly believes in individual freedom. The person who wishes to eschew mainstream treatments and take care of his or her own health is f'ed by this bill, as are people who choose not to have health insurance. Emperor Obama is now marching down the street with no clothes on and people are cheering him on, as they did his predecessor, King Jorge. No doubt the people are, for the most part, not the same for Emperor O. as they were for King J., but the crowds are still cheering nonetheless. Those who cheer for this health care bill are as ignorant as those who support our empire's reign in other countries. It's a sad day for everyone in the United States, but just as the elite have been planning in the New World Order, instead of impeaching the president, people are cheering him on.

I've written a bit more about this on my Comic Mom blog, in "Spring Equinox and the Pinewood Derby."

The besmirched-and-ignored-by-media Ron Paul has also written an excellent essay, "Healthcare Reform Passes."

And here's a good article on what we have to look forward to, "What Soviet Medicine Teaches Us."

We're living in a new world, folks. The media are correct when they call this health care bill "historic." Indeed, it is. As with the so-called Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, and other socialist bills and unConstitutional Executive Orders, this bill will erode freedom in the United States. Let us embrace the socialism that so many have sought for so long. For me and my house, however, we will fight for freedom.

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