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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just Another Reason Not to Move Back to North Carolina

Well, there's the raw milk thing. And the complete lack of legal pot stores. Sure, L.A.'s city commissars are trying hard to shut down pot stores--business could hardly be better for pot stores--but the truth is that California is looking better all the time, especially when the North Carolina government has deemed me incompetent to choose whether or not I should drink raw milk, and whether or not I should smoke or otherwise ingest some weed.

But really, this story amazes me. I'm not much for cigarette smoke, but when the North Carolina legislature starts delving into the business of private business owners, I get a real icky feeling. Sure, they've already outlawed smoking here, but in N.C., in the supposedly independent South, businesses have been doing fine regulating things by themselves. For example, Charlie Goodnight's comedy club, which I've performed at a few times, has its own smoking ban and has for years. Why should the North Carolina legislature feel the need to make all businesses operate this way? Why aren't they trusting business owners? Ah, but it's for the common good, eh? As were the Nazis, of course.

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