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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Government Hates Competition

Really, it does. And that fact is one reason that I really dislike (read: hate) it when the government tries to eliminate its competition by using the laws that the elite have put into place to squelch any and every bit of competition anywhere, even if it's in a rural county in North Carolina. It also dislikes people who make a lot of money without reporting it to the IRS. Oh, how it does hate that kind of thing. I, on the other hand, believe in freedom, freedom to do what you damn well please if it doesn't hurt anyone else. Ah, says the government, but everything that you do can hurt someone else. Thus, when I flush with more than a 1.6 liter toilet--which can take up to three or four flushes to equal one 1.6 liter toilet---I have used your drinking water for a whole day or some such silly equivalent that the government uses to create some kind of water crisis, which is really about the government's taking more control of our lives. That's how government logic goes. Now, we crazy free market types believe that consumers and people in general, if given the chance truly to be free, would make some pretty darn good decisions. And would compensate the folks they'd actually hurt. Therefore, if, say, a father were to create a media hoax in which his son was reported floating in a Jiffy Pop looking container in the air and military helicopters were used to find said child, the father's hoax would not land him in jail. Rather, it would land him with a bill for all rescue personnel. And he would have to pay. Oh, but this kind of thinking is so very Old Testament to those who pray to land as many people as possible in the hoosegaw.

Thus, we sheeple should stop watching American Idol for a week and truly celebrate the arrest of people such as Roger Lee Nance of Wilkesboro; I have no idea of the true character of this man. For all I know, he may be a mean old hermit. But I do fully support his choice and business of making liquor. In North Carolina, where the government has such a monopoly on liquor that it is only sold in state-certified liquor emporiums, also known as ABC stores, it is easy to see why NC ALE czar John Ledford would brag about his find of a moonshine still on private property. In fact, Czar Ledford tows the statist line on alcohol, while bragging on his contribution to the state's ample coffers:

"This is one of the biggest seizures of white liquor I've seen come out of the mountains in my career," ALE Director John Ledford said in a press release. "I commend the agents who were able to make this arrest. While tax-paid liquor is regulated and inspected, illegal distilleries are typically made in unhealthy conditions that could possibly cause exposure to lead and other problems."

Really, Czar John, if all you have to worry about is lead when you think of liquor, my guess is that you skipped school during the many years that the ridiculous D.A.R.E. program to resist drugs and alcohol was foisted on North Carolina high school students. This bizarre program is probably still distributing pro-state propaganda, perhaps even under the same name. Some of us have had rougher experiences with liquor and honestly, lead poisoning from a private liquor still is not something I'd worry my statist little head about, if I were you, John. In fact, I'm guessing that you say the same thing about milk--trying to protect us supposed idiots from making decision based on our own good sense--being that raw cow's milk, a.k.a. country milk, which most of your ancestors grew up drinking, is probably given the same bizarre treatment; it is just as illegal to sell in North Carolina as non-state-approved liquor is. Here's a free market lesson for Czar John: Whether you're a dairy farmer or a moonshiner, you're not going to survive for long if you don't have clean, lead-free facilities. When I was growing up, we bought country milk from Mr. and Mrs. Burcham, a sweet Christian couple who ran an immaculate farm and house a mile or so from the house where I grew up. Your statist compadres, Czar John, would do the same thing to Mr. and Mrs. Burcham--were their sweet and pure hearts still beating--arresting them for selling the milk that God gave us to drink. The milk industry lobby in N.C. has made sure that your buddies have provided as little competition as possible for their shady corporate butts.

And then there's this little item, from a Raleigh lawyer who made the huge mistake of keeping cash in his home, or rather, of depositing in a bank. Or something. Surely, there's something real here that the feds are charging him with. When he tried to place his legally obtained and taxes-already-paid-on cash in a supposedly safer place, he was arrested for trying to evade a ridiculous law that says to look upon any large deposits as suspicious. Or something. It's really hard to tell what the feds are so pissed about here, unless it's that Gaskins has not spent his professional life kissing the ground that the Raleigh tax-feeders walk on. So, trying to evade a stupid law that lets the government put its hands into your pockets when it has no business is a crime, especially if the feds want it to be. Note that it is not a trivial crime. In fact, it is a crime that can punish a lawyer who's worked hard all his life by sending him to jail for all his retirement. This kind of thing is exactly why I'm not moving back to North Carolina right now. I'm not saying government extortion doesn't happen in California, but somehow, it's really hard to see it in a place where I used to live as a more or less free human.

Evidently, I'm not the only person who sees through this federal judicial travesty.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Okay, So Where's the Contest for Best Pissed-Off Adoptee Blog?!?

I've really seen it all now. Adopters praising themselves and each other for gorgeously-written blogs that sing the praise of adoption. I'm not sure who's behind this contest and I'm not sure that I want to find out. But it does scare me that so many well-educated and well-written adopters are throwing around their weight on the Internet. Although they have every right to do so, and I totally support their freedom to do so, it really bothers me that there's no "Best Pissed-Off Adoptee Blog" contest or some such. Surely, I'd be a finalist in that contest.

Probably the biggest qualm I have with this contest, and with the bloggers who populate it, is that these bloggers have the gall, of course, to call themselves "parents" of the children they've adopted. Having said that, at least one of these bloggers recognizes her adoptee's real mom as the child's "first mother." There's something good to be said for that. Still, it really bothers me that so many white middle-class women (and make no mistake--most of the people who take other people's children and pretend those children are theirs are white and middle or upper-middle class) are feeling okay with pretending to be parents of other people's children. I guess these white women somehow feel they are contributing to society by taking the children of others, especially if those children look so different from them that people know the adults are adopters. Adoption has such a wonderful propaganda campaign going on these days that adopters are looked upon as wonderful and loving self-sacrificers, even as they call themselves the moms and dads of children that someone else bore.

Please let me say here that my own adopters were good folks and I still miss them, even though they have been dead for a few years. I am extremely thankful to have grown up in the community that I did, where people are basically honest and loving and everybody cares, but not in an Obama-Clinton-it-takes-a-village-of-government kind of way. So, in that sense, things have really worked out well for me. Things could have been a lot worse and I have heard many horror stories from adoptees. Most adopters who read my writing are just sure that I must have been beaten every day by my adopters in order to hate adoption as much as I do. There are people who've made rape into a positive experience as well, but this doesn't mean that those people desire for others to be raped. Separting a child from its mother and giving it to strangers is a horrid thing, for mother and child. Desiring for another mother to lose her child to adoption is bizarre indeed, but many white middle-class adopters-to-be are betting on it.

The blogs in the "Best Adoption Blog" contest perpetuate the myth that overall, no matter how difficult adoption can be, it's okay to take a stranger's child and call it your own. And no, no matter how wonderful my childhood was, this kind of myth is not okay to perpetuate.

Many thanks to fellow adoptee Marley Greiner for passing along this link!

In Case You Think The Federal Government Has A Monopoly On The Ridiculous

My sons and I take a LOT of classes at a local city recreation center about 30 minutes from our house. This quarter's session, for example, we spent close to $1,000 for art and dance classes (thank goodness for my proposal money!), with some absolutely wonderful instructors. The boys' clay class instructor, for instance, is a brilliant artist who displays his own work; he, like the other teachers we've encountered, is also a nice guy. After spending well over $900 for classes, I placed two checks under the door of the administrative offices for two more classes. Students are supposed to be registered, for insurance purposes, for classes before attending them. I wasn't sure, because of soccer schedules, etc., if I could take the extra two classes before I actually signed up for them. Because we're often there after the office is closed, I placed the checks under the door after hours. Yesterday, I received the uncashed checks, returned to me by U.S. mail, with this note in all caps:


Now, I'd heard that one mother had taken her child to a dance class with openings, left the child while she went to register, and the tax-feeders in the office would not allow her to register because it was past the deadline. Therefore, she had to go back to the class, taking her then-crying daughter out of the class for the quarter. But only when I saw the two ridiculous sentences in all caps, directed specifically at me, did I realize that local government and its tax-feeding minions can be just as, or perhaps even more, ridiculous than their federal counterparts. This particular city seems to want to miss out on revenue. It didn't matter to the tax-feeders that a little girl, who could have been easily added, was crying because the office had a rule that registration ended on October 1st, with no exceptions, even for classes in which the instructor approved the add and there were slots open. Nor did it matter to the tax-feeders that they were losing out on money. People come from all over to take these classes and one woman who works during the day and drives from quite far to attend her adult dance class was not allowed to mail in her registration, as she usually does. This quarter, the rules changed and anyone outside the city limits must now register online. Yes, these tax-feeders not only wish to stop revenue from coming in, but they also desire to cut down on the work of processing a few people's applications, forcing people outside of their city limits to register online, an arduous process that I couldn't get to work correctly.

So, this particular city's gatekeepers at the recreation center are just following orders and not common sense. It's rare when I make a comparison that makes the North Carolina state government look good, but I'll have to say that even at NCSU, where I both attended many classes and taught, there was a way of adding or dropping a class later than normally allowed. Sure, you had to obtain signatures from people, which was a pain, but it could be done. Nonetheless, the folks at this city's recreation center, which offers classes with no grades, seem too lazy to take in extra revenue when they could easily do so. Their excuse? From what I've heard, it's that their "books are closed," whatever that means. Unfortunately, with the Internet as what they seem to tout for registration, that excuse is ludicrous. In case you're thinking that what I've told you so far is ridiculous, here's the clincher. I actually received this note as well:


I guess somebody could have received a paper cut while picking up the paper that I slid under the door. And in these days of celebration of the victim mentality, I suppose that counts as an injury. However, in my many years in the shady corporate world, I have placed many notes under doors. I've yet to hear of anyone that I've injured.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Emperor O. Wins WHAT?

I nearly fell out of my pink room chair this morning when I read that Emperor O., who has continued King Jorge's killing escapades in foreign countries, with absolutely no sign of stopping, is receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, supposedly because of his initiatives "to build momentum behind his initiatives to reduce nuclear arms, ease tensions with the Muslim world and stress diplomacy and cooperation rather than unilateralism." I guess those killed by his warmongering policies, which closely resemble the policies of his white predecessor, are not really factored in to the Nobel Peace Prize equation. Funny how, when I mentioned I was reading this story to my eight-year-old, he immediately said, "How can Obama win a peace prize when he's trying to start a war in Iran?" Well, I'm quite proud that my young son can figure out something that a lot of 60-year-olds seem to have trouble seeing. The Obamatrons, blinded by their worship, will take this elite-sponsored prize winning as an example of just how wonderful Savior O. actually is. And of course, no one will claim that King Jorge should also receive said prize, being that he was just as much of a warmonger as Emperor O. Dare I even ask why Ron Paul, who advocates the United States' getting the hell out of every country that we occupy, did not even receive a mention in this sweepstakes? Perhaps it is indeed like the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes and the winner was chosen by random. Whatever the case, I'm really glad that my eight-year-old already has it figured out.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

America's Fabian Socialist Magazine Delivers Again

Sometimes, I think that I allow the Los Angeles Times to come into our home only because sometimes I need a bit of inspiration for writing. Whether it's failing to print my letters on adoption, relegating Ron Paul to the occasional negative article while he is running for president, or doing some other kind of statist grandstanding, the Times never does quite fail to make me angrier than an old wet hen, in some form or fashion. The question for me is: How long does it take to find something that is inane in the Times? This past Sunday's was a bit different; it took more than the usual 5 or 6 seconds. Saturday night was Cub Scout night at Dodger Stadium and we had quite a blast watching the Dodgers win the National League West championship, 5-0 over the Colorado Rockies. I'm not much of a sports fan per se, although with the every human in this house except moi of the male persuasion, I have to learn to enjoy games. I was more than happy to stand in line for hot dogs, no matter how long that task took. And of course, the full moon over the stadium made things much more lively also. A real plus, however, is that this morning's receipt of the Times into the Gingerbread House kitchen was all about the game; therefore, it took a while before I actually got to the pissing-me-off part. And in fact, being that I didn't look at much of the supposed news, which misses the real news, such as the fact that Obama seems to yawn at Israel's supposed hidden weapons while taking such a close look at countries that seem to harbor the real terrorists--as everyone knows , there are no terrorists in Israel--that he's as hot to take us to a war with Iran as Emperor Bush was. The names have changed, and the ethnicities, but not much else at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Nonetheless, it's important, even on such a slow news day, to hype up the unconstitutional United Nations. Crazy people like Ron Paul, and me, of course, believe that the U.N. has done a lot more to hurt the world than it has to help. Sure, in the public school patch where I grew up, the harvest I received regarding the U.N. was their humanitarianism, their contests and other propaganda regarding their Halloween ritual for all children of the 70s--Trick or Treat for UNICEF. Nobody ever told me that this organization had plans to force peace on an otherwise unpeaceful world, no matter how many people are killed in this peacemaking process. Certainly, no one told me that they planned to take away my guns or indoctrinate children to live in the supposedly diverse and wonderful utopia that they were creating, whether we want it or not. Nobody ever told me that this organization would attempt to set its own policy for the good of those who supply its money. Nope! I only heard that trick-or-treating for UNICEF was good for, you guessed it, the children. When you're a child, it's great to do something that you feel helps the children, even if it does more harm than good.

Therefore, only in the last few years have my previously clouded eyes been brightly opened to the sneakiness of the United Nations, including their push to make International Baccalaureate Studies programs across America the hot thing for those seeking supposed academic excellence for their progeny; this program is doing as much to revive the failing government schools as the rather ridiculous "magnet programs" of the 70s and 80s. It would be horrid, however, if Americans began to see through the stinky waste of the United Nations. Therefore, it's up to Parade: America's Fabian Socialist Magazine to give us a nice little public relations piece, in the form of an insightful article, of course.

"New [U.N.] ambassador Susan Rice" pronounces her faith in the wonderful glorious organization that tries hard to make all nations the third-world countries that despots so love to rule. Now, Susan's age is so close to my own that I am willing to bet my best 401K stocks that this "super-smart and personable internationalist" grew up listening to the same U.N. propaganda that I heard in North Carolina's government schools.

The article starts with a glorious declaration of how U.S. sanctions stopped a ship that may have been carrying military stuff, perhaps even (gasp!) "weapons of mass destruction, perhaps even nukes." See, isn't the United Nations wonderful? "The reason it couldn't land was a recently passed United Nations resolution that called upon any member nations receiving the ship to board it, inspect it, and seize any contraband found." In other words: Let's spread our unconstitutional searches around the world! I feel about as safe trusting the United Nations to save me and my family from perhaps errant ships as I do trusting the FDA to save me from supposedly dangerous medications.

Nonetheless, this propaganda piece will serve exactly what the elite want to promote the global government that they have sought for so very long: The United Nations is a helpful organization, an umbrella organization for the United States, and the only way that we can even have a sliver of hope for world peace. Ron Paul, of course, has other ideas. And I must admit that the free market concept seems so simple that it evidently flies right by the common sense of most people: "If we were really interested in democracy, peace, prosperity and safety, we would pursue more free trade with other countries. Free and abundant trade is much more conducive to peace because it is generally bad business to kill your customers." Ah, but who in this world isn't so brainwashed by NPR, government schools, and mainstream media that they can even begin to understand Dr. Paul's simplicity.

Meanwhile, I look at the Parade picture of the two mulattos, Rice and Obama, sitting together in some U.N.-sanctioned way, and I realize that they are no less willing to be one-world government puppets than their supposedly pure-bred white predecessors. It's a real shame that while people are celebrating Obama's being the first African-American president, no one's talking about how much this man of a different color is so very much like his European-American White House antecedents. People may look at Rice and think she's some kind of trendsetter, but unfortunately, she's merely one in a lengthy line of elite-sponsored one-world government drones that has been schlepping for the system. Lots of people see something new with the Obama administration; thanks to a bit of help from America's Favorite Socialist magazine, I see more of the same old freedom-taking-away crap, disguised as an in-depth article on the United Nations.