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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So, How Do You Like Obama NOW?!?

First, it was marijuana; now it's tomatoes:

Chuck Baldwin, one of my favorite writers and Southern Baptist ministers, has written an excellent overview of the new Gardening Police legislation:

Self-proclaimed "conservatives" love to tout themselves as ardent supporters of the "free enterprise" system. In the name of "capitalism," they support any and every piece of legislation or governmental decision that caters to business--especially Big Business. Favorite policies of these folks include anything and everything that calls itself "free trade." Furthermore, these same "conservatives" will support just about anything and everything that is said to advance the so-called "global economy."

Needless to say, in the name of "free trade" millions of American jobs and thousands of American manufacturing plants have been outsourced to foreign countries and interests. And leading the charge for "free trade," outsourcing, and the "global economy" is the international cabal known as Big Business. But Big Business does not play this game alone. Joining Big Business is its pernicious partner, Big Government.

Together, Big Business and Big Government form a tyrannical tandem that is squeezing the breath out of our once-great republic. In fact, people need to understand that what is passing for "capitalism" in America today is nothing more than "Corporatism."

Corporatism has little to do with genuine capitalism or free enterprise. Freedom and federalism thrive when true capitalism and free enterprise are at work. But Corporatism has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with tyranny.

Corporatism is the marriage of Big Business with Big Government. Corporatism uses the force and weight of government to create giant monopolies, which strangle competition and freedom. Rules and regulations are enacted that make it impossible for "little" guys to compete. The trade laws of nations are pitted against each other, forcing free nations to sacrifice their own peace and security to accommodate the economies of totalitarian regimes. And, of course, Big Business is the recipient of gargantuan profits in the process.

Please understand that the movers and shakers of Big Business have no national loyalty. They claim no country, salute no flag, and recognize no independence but their own. They are the travel companions of the bloodiest butchers on the planet. They have homes in every corner of the globe and are happy to share the beds of the vilest people on earth. They would gladly sell the heart and soul of America to the highest bidder, and have long ago sold their own hearts and souls to the devil.

And there is no limit to how intimately Big Business and Big Government can collaborate to steal people's liberties. A classic case in point is the burgeoning effort to control and regulate private, homegrown gardens.

In the face of a growing recession, thousands of people across America are planting and growing their own gardens. And this is not lost to Corporatism. Remember, Corporatism's great goal is to create monopolies and crush freedom, leaving the cabal controlling both Big Business and Big Government alone atop the world of prosperity and power. Therefore, it will use every tool at its disposal to protect any and all of Corporatism's favored players. And when it comes to America's food supply, Big Agriculture is that favored player.

Even as Michelle Obama plants a White House garden and encourages Americans everywhere to do the same thing, her husband is creating a brand new tool for the Big Business/Big Government powerbrokers: a new "Food Safety Administration" (FSA).

At the same time, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Connecticut) has introduced H.R. 875 to "protect the public health." But it is not the public health that Ms. DeLauro wants to protect. It is the health of the demonic duo of Big Business and Big Government. Two other bills with similar machinations are S. 425, introduced by Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), and H.R. 815, submitted by Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colorado).

In a nutshell, when these bills become law, every homegrown garden in the country will be regulated, inspected, controlled, and taxed by the federal government. (No, I am not making it up.) In addition, small, independent farms would most certainly be put out of business. In effect, the great Nanny State is posturing itself to completely take over the food business in America.

First, the Big Business/Big Government Axis of Evil began taking over the banking and financial institutions. Next, it was the automobile business that was in Corporatism's crosshairs. Now, it is energy, healthcare, and even the food business--down to the smallest backyard, homegrown garden--that Corporatism is plotting to plunder.

It is an ingenious system: first, Big Government regulates legitimate business to the point that it can no longer function in a free and open market. Then it paves the way for foreign investors to gain influence or even seize control of those same businesses. Then it forces the mergers of smaller entities into international monstrosities. Then it passes laws making it impossible for the remaining small, independent businesses to compete. Meanwhile, the newly created super-wealthy collaborators in Big Business are more than eager to share their bounty with their fellow miscreants inside Big Government.

The obvious result of all this chicanery is the creation of a superior ruling class and the destruction of a free and independent middle class. If all this sounds familiar, it is because Corporatism used to be known by another name: fascism! And this is exactly what is being created right in front of our very eyes, here in the good old U.S.A.

If "conservatives" were more cognizant of and diligent to protect the U.S. Constitution and principles of liberty contained in our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, they would be able to see through the fa├žade of modern Corporatism that masks its totalitarian agenda under the guise of "free trade."

So, in the meantime, go ahead and grow your garden, because you are going to need it. But, at the same time, be prepared to give an account to your local FSA agent. He'll want to know how much you've grown, how much you sold or gave away, and to whom you sold or gave it. He'll want to inspect it; he'll expect you to fill out the appropriate government forms, including names, addresses, amounts, prices, etc. And this goes for all those church and social club potluck dinners as well. Oh, yes! He'll also expect you all to pay taxes on it.

Either that, or convince your State legislators and governor to do what the Thirteen Colonies did: tell King George to go to Hades! But if you don't have--and cannot get--a State legislature and governor willing to do that, you'll need to either move or start turning your entire life over to the new fascist America that Big Business and Big Government are creating, because the die has been cast, and it doesn't appear that there is any going back.

As someone who's currently got some fabulous lettuce in the Gingerbread House garden, with tomatoes and potatoes soon to follow, I am extremely concerned about this legislation. It's funny that lots of people are totally okay with the feds or whomever coming on to private property and confiscating marijuana plants. I'm guessing that the propaganda surrounding this bill is going to sway the worshippers of Emperor O. to welcoming the supposed authorities onto their land. Communism, anyone?

I don't know what Obama worshippers are saying to these things, and to the fact that Obama has now said that wireless wiretapping is just dandy. Really. Are Obama worshippers even aware of this blatent bitch slap to the Constitution? Do they even care? Obama seeks to expand the totalitarian state that Bush, et al. began. And guess what? You can't sue the government if they gather information on you. I guess that's okay. After all, Obama's not one of those awful white males we've always had as a president. That's all that really matters.

So, Obama is trying to figure out how to get onto our private property and he's expanded the totalitarian state that Bush started. Now, aren't you glad that you have no idea who Ron Paul is? Were he president, you'd be living in a less totalitarian state by now. But really, who wants that?!?

I can't help but wonder how many of the newly unemployed will be vying for a job with the local Garden Police Department. My guess is that lots of trained snoops from the government schools will be anxious to apply. Oh, and then, when they fine or arrest you for resisting, don't worry: They'll just be following orders, just as they did in Nazi Germany.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Who Cares About Socialism? Emperor Obama Rules!

When one of the clients that I edit for wrote yesterday and told me the company is asking all contractors to reduce our rates by 20%, I was quite taken aback. After all, this company is quite solid, or so I thought, and they ask for government money all the time, often receiving it. I called a scientist that I work with and he said that everyone in the company has been asked to take a cut in pay. We chatted a bit and then he asked me with his thick Russian accent, "Tricia, whom did you vote for?"

"Not the one that's in," I said. He told me that he'd lived in the Soviet Union for over four decades and that he sees what's going on here. "Everybody's equal," he added, "equally poor!" He said he's gone up to all the company executives and said, "You got what you voted for," or some equivalent. And so is the country.

One can hardly see socialism more clearly than with the fabulously one-world government G-20 conference. Most people have no clue about what this conference is about. Evidently. If people understood what Emperor O. is doing, I would hope that there would be blood in the streets. On the other hand, people are too busy watching American Idol and such for that tired cliche to come true. I generally love French people and food, but this French President guy is really getting on my nerves:

A lot was at stake. If the leaders had failed to forge a consensus -- Sarkozy this week threatened to quit the talks if they didn’t back much tighter regulation -- it might have set back the world’s economy and markets just as they’re showing signs of shaking off the worst financial crisis in six decades.

What does it mean when things aren't socialist enough for the French?!?

The elite are smiling, I'm sure, as Americans yawn at this news and continue to hail high hosannas at Emperor O. As long as he plants an organic garden at the White House (as if he's going to be digging dirt any time soon), everything will, of course, be peachy keen.

Emperor O. has even proven himself to be more of a socialist than FDR. I know, it's hard to believe, but here's the proof:

[I]n 1933 . . . President Franklin D. Roosevelt torpedoed a similar conference in London by rejecting its plan to stabilize currency rates and in the process scotched international efforts to lift the world out of a depression.

More Conciliation

Seeking to avoid a repeat of that historic flop, President Barack Obama junked the at-times go-it-alone approach of his predecessor, George W. Bush, and adopted a more conciliatory stance toward his fellow leaders.

Therefore, Obama has proven himself to be the one-world government promoter and socialist dupe that many of us have thought him to be all along.

Funny how in such an economic crisis, as we've been led to by the elite and by government regulations, the answer is for the countries that don't have money to, well, print more money:

The U.S. did, though, take the lead in getting the summit to agree on an increase in IMF rescue funds to $750 billion from $250 billion now. Japan, the European Union and China will provide the first $250 billion of the increase, with the balance to come from as yet unidentified countries.

With the overly bankrupt U.S., of course, taking the lead.

As tempting as it is sometimes to think about how much housework and other stuff I could easily complete (supposedly:) if my children were locked in the government school prisons all day, stories like this one make me especially glad that we homeschool. When I explain the economy and the idiotic moves that the new Emperor makes, they ask really obvious questions, such as, "If the government can print more money, why can't we?" My guess is that in a government school concentration camp, they'd be learning not to ask simple questions that make sense, but rather, they'd be learning why they should embrace homosexuality or some such. On days when things aren't going well in the homeschool arena, I'm just thankful that they're not learning the stupid crap with which the government schools try to fill innocent and growing minds. How do I know that the stupid crap is being taught? Because it's rare to hear in the media or anywhere else such common sense questions as my children, who are only 4, 6, and 8, ask. The stupid crap and distractions, the bread and circuses of modern-day society, are working. Emperor O. and his world-government cronies are taking more control of our money. And no one really seems to care. Or to notice.