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Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama Mania: Can Anyone See What's Really Happening Here?

Okay, so I wrote down all the Obamaspeak that I possibly could from Tuesday's speech by the new Emperor, all the collectivist talk about how we must do things for the common good and such. Really, I was hoping all this Obama Mania would die down by now and that maybe, just maybe, people would stop judging Obama by his skin color and start looking at what he's actually doing. As an artist who tries to surround myself with other comics, writers, and other culturally enlightened folk, however, it's really difficult to deal with the fact that even at the library where I take my children for storytime, there is the underlying subtext that I'm supposed to worship at the Obama altar, just like everybody else. I don't buy it, anymore than I'd be worshipping at the Hillary altar because she's a woman or at the John Edwards altar (what an altar that would be!) because he's from North Carolina. When are people going to wake up and see that Emperor Obama is no different than Bush? The media fawn all over the new Emperor so much so that even the rather wonderful Jim Ladd from 95.5 FM, KLOS has gotten into Obama worship. People believe the propaganda that there is going to be change and that for some reason, hope will somehow come through. All because there is a man whose father is black in the White House.

My wonderful friend, Lenard, even published a poem about how wonderful it is that a black man is president. Well, maybe, but what truly amazes me is how, when blacks have supposedly made so many strides so that we are supposed to look beyond skin color, everyone is hypnotized by Emperor Obama's skin color. The same thing has also happened, by the way, at the Canoga Park Bowl comedy show, where I perform three times each week. Sandy Brown, last night's emcee, was joking about how that now all whites are going to be assigned to a plantation, now that a "brother" is in the White House. I welcome all political jokes, but the not-so-subtle text of all the heaping praise that Sandy was placing on the new Emperor is that everything is okay because a man of half-African ancestory occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Nobody seems to care much about the Constitution, or the new Emperor's lack of respect for it. And few blacks seem to notice anything but Obama's skin color. Is this the social progress and justice that so-called liberals have been clamoring for these past few decades? Meanwhile, it's business as usual at the place where George Bush approved of the murders of so many innocent people, albeit on the other side of the world. It's okay, I suppose, if the children killed are not your own. One of the few refreshing people that I know who is questioning Emperor Obama's ascendancy on the throne previously occupied by King Jorge is the incredible Wilt Alston, a fellow North Carolinian in exile. On Facebook, he passed around this blog entry, which shows not only the level to which the media fawn over Obama--the link to "Executive Order" shows how the press is worshipping the very pen that the Emperor is using, but that Obama has indeed approved the first murder of his term, which included three children killed. Explaining this tragic event to my children was only too easy--they understood that three children, just like them but in another part of the world, had been murdered. Their understanding of this horrid event was so simple, so much clearer than the adults who are spending time in Obama worship. They saw three children who are dead because the new Emperor commanded it so. My children do not much care about the new Emperor's skin color, nor do they care about whether or not Obama's African ancestors may have been enslaved at some point in time; they merely care about those three children, who will never grow up because of a murder that was okay with Emperor Obama. Of course, the Emperor's children, as with King Jorge's children, will probably never see the horror of battle and they will probably never have to worry much about their security, being that they will have Secret Service protection. In the White House, then, things haven't much changed, really. Except for the color of skin of the occupant. State-ordered murder is still occurring. But everyone is so worshipful of our new Emperor that no one seems to notice the little things like murder. No one, that is, except the families of those three children who were murdered. The media are too busy taking pictures of pens to notice those three children. But my own three children, who will not have the Secret Service protection, the servants, and the ever-flowing money that comes to a family that occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, my own three very alive children think about those three dead children, those three children who will never grow to adulthood. And they don't care at all about the skin color of the new Emperor.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Homeschooling: It Shows

We were in line at Trader Joe's (TJ's) the other night and the cashier was talking to the boys. By the time we left, she'd talked quite a bit to the boys and she'd allowed them to scan some things, as the nice cashiers often do at TJ's, and she said, "Are they homeschooled?" At first, of course, I thought she was referring to the two bottles of wine that I'd bought, as in, "Most people who homeschool drink lots of wine; I've noticed that." And yes, homeschooling does have its moments where a bottle of wine or two looks really good to the parents. However, in this particular case, she seemed amazed that my boys seemed so intelligent, mature, and at ease in talking with adults. Turns out she was homeschooled herself and she claimed to be able to tell homeschooled children by the way that they act. I can relate to what she's saying. Although there are some real terrors amongst the children in the homeschooling community, there are many children who are quite fabulous indeed. I don't think much about it as I take the boys with me on my daily errands and as they freely interact with the adults and children that we see. However, I am sometimes reminded, as I was with this TJ's employee, that homeschooled children often do have a maturity level far beyond that of their government-schooled peers. I think it's probably because homeschooled children are not sequestered in a room and to a certain plot of land, deemed sacred by the school czars, all day. My children, as well as those of many other homeschoolers, receive lots of real-life experience; they don't sit around in the unrealistic atmosphere of a classroom all day, with 20 or so other students their age and one or two adults who are trying to fulfill federal government standards.

I'm not the only one who sees this difference. The lovely and intelligent writer Karen DeCoster sent this story my way:

Trish --

You may want to spread this great story to the homeschooling community.

God I love homeschooled kids!

I certainly agree with Karen's last sentence. And yes, most homeschoolers, not being bogged down by the ridiculous things that keep government schoolers behind gates all day, are free to explore, mature, and learn the way that nature intended.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Mania--I'm sick of it!

Tomorrow is the day that King Obama is officially annointed Messiah, Savior, Buddha, and whatever other religious entity that he will replace. As I've woken up to the increasing socialism that the New-World-Order-promoting elites are placing around us, at almost every turn, I continue to be amazed at the number of people, often with multiple degrees, who are sheep following Master Obama and his every move. Otherwise sensible and well-educated folks are acting as if he's somehow going to save us from whatever we need saving from. Not many seem to realize that he's plunging us into the very same socialism that George Bush, a.k.a. King Jorge, started. The Executive Orders overruling Congressional decisions were made by Bush; they'll be carried out by Messiah Obama. Speaking of Congress, did anyone happen to note that both Messiah Soul Man and Messiah Old Man (i.e., John McCain) voted to plunge our country and our descendants further into debt by bailing out private industries. Does anybody even care anymore?!? I'm tired of shouting. I'm tired of listening to National Propaganda Radio and the rest of mainstream media fawning all over Obama and finding reasons to write about him, even if it's something as lame as an article about what a good father he is (supposedly).

I want to hear Messiah Obama no more than I wanted (or want) to hear King Jorge. I am extremely disappointed that so many people have fallen for Messiah Obama's bull, just as they fell for King Jorge's (well, many of them fell for it). I am also extremely disappointed that no one seems to care much about the Constitution anymore. If anyone really cared, they'd be asking Messiah Obama about leaving our economy to work itself out through the free market and they'd be asking him to leave health care the hell alone. It's really sad how much people, even the supposedly intelligent ones, have been conditioned to gladly accept socialism and the New World Order that is quickly coming upon us. No one cares much about freedom anymore. Not many people remember Ron Paul or Peter Schiff, even though they are the only people I've heard in mainstream media speak the truth.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome to Totalitarian 2009!

Going to Palm Springs in the HO for New Year's Eve, the boys and I were treated to all the Amber Alert boards with the message of Texting is Illegal on January 1st, 2009. My freedom-oriented brain has tried hard to erase the exact quote, but that was the gist of it. Make no mistake: As much as those Amber Alerts often try to capture parents who've lost custody of their children or some such, which makes me dislike the whole Amber Alert system very much, when there is no supposed child to save from his or her parents, there is definitely socialism to promote. Funny how we passed an art gallery in Palm Springs that had a huge picture of King Obama, whom Vox Day calls The Magic Negro, with the word "Hope" under it. While people are focusing on how fabulous it is to have the first president who calls himself black (it is possible that some other presidents have had African ancestry), not many people are realizing that King Obama is just as socialist as his European antecedents. Some well-meaning homeschooling mom (most of whom are King Obama worshippers, at least around these parts) passed around some article saying that it seems as though King O. is a really good father, because he listens to his children, you see, instead of telling them what to do. If you're having trouble following that line of thought, by the way, I'll explain by saying that it's rumored that King O. espouses the right childrearing theory, as righteously deemed excellent by La Leche League members and many liberal, secular homeschooling moms. Although I've met some nice women who fit the preceding description, I've also met some real doozies. Although I support what the La Leche League does, I have found, by personal experience, that their organization is as biased and excluding as a private country club. If you doubt what I'm saying, think of how, if any, the La Leche League has courted Sarah Palin, even though she did the supposedly right things of carrying her newborn in a sling and of breastfeeding her youngest (and supposedly the others). You'd think they'd have her on the front cover. And I'm so disconnected from that organization that for all I know, they may have. But I'm not betting on it.

So, so, so, texting and talking on the cell phone while driving are now two ways that the state of California can now stop you. A very informal poll a few weeks ago by my Cardio Barre instructor, Richard, found that only one person out of about 60 mostly-San-Fernando-Valley-ites has been ticketed. I'm betting that these laws won't affect most of the people most of the time. But the horrifying thing is that they can affect all of us sometime. Most Oprah-watchers are so used to giving up freedoms that I don't even think they know that they're responsible for these laws, via their state representatives and senators.