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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Swine Flu Fever

Here at the Gingerbread House, we're doing what everyone should do to protect ourselves from any communicable disease: washing our hands, eating vegetables and protein, avoiding a lot of sugar, et al. However, we are avoiding the swine flu vaccine as if it were the plague. Evidently, not everyone feels this way, which is what the pharmaceutical industry is depending on to make those huge profits. After Emperor O. made the ridiculous statement the other day that his own children are not receiving the toxicity called the swine flu vaccine because they are in not in a high-risk group, this interesting article told us that some people who are not in high-risk groups are indeed as desperate to become inoculated with whatever it is that GlaxoSmithKline, et al. wants us to have in our bodies.

For the record, long before I had children, I was married to a man who worked for Burroughs-Wellcome--yes, they're the AIDS drug people that the many gay and gay-friendly types picketed because they thought that Burroughs-Wellcome (BW) should be giving the drug for free or some such; the company responsible for giving those with AIDS a chance (if you believe in the traditional AIDS story, that is--a blog post for another time) was wished by those it could supposedly help, to crashing down. Well, the crasher-downer-wishers sort of got their wishes when the Wellcome company, established in a trust that was supposed to last forever, was gobbled up by the greedy then-Glaxo, who then gobbled up other companies. First husband, a research graphics artist, and I used to eat at the wonderful and researcher-filled BW cafeteria for lunch; the building, probably still right there off the Durham Freeway in Research Triangle Park, was shaped like a molecule. It was also in the eighties film with Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood (she died just before the film's completion), Brainstorm. Nonetheless, BW's supposedly perpetual candle, along with its fabulous research scientists, went out quickly when its wick was trimmed by Glaxo. In the interest of full disclosure, I also worked a temporary job at Glaxo during my first semester of graduate school. It's hard to find a place filled more with true believers than Glaxo (now GlaxoSmithKline). I worked in its sales department and the poor woman that I worked for was an overworked yet gorgeous drone who didn't have time for a relationship because of her devotion to marketing Glaxo products; she and other Glaxo marketing people that I've met act as though their pharmaceutical marketing deeds are going to get them into heaven. I had never seen people like these at BW (although they may have existed), which was a much more research-oriented place to work, with a couple of really nice Nobel prize scientists on staff. Glaxo, with all its jogging trails that employees were far too busy and energy-drained to use, was a bizarre place that I really wanted to get away from. Fortunately, I did.

Nonetheless, GlaxoSmithKline, which gulped up BW as if it were a slurpee on a hot summer day, is now one of the few places profiting handsomely during this economic slump, not because of actual good, but because of the mass hysteria that the mainstream media have created. The gorgeous and freedom-loving Karen DeCoster, an excellent writer who has recently been so very kind to add me to her blog roll, has figured this whole swine flu thing out as well. Karen spends her time reading and thinking instead of watching Oprah and Dr. Phil attempt to solve the world's problems, one Jerry Springer victim at a time. People like Karen, who see through the mass hysteria, remind me that not everyone who has been government-school indoctrinated must remain so forever.

And so, here at the Gingerbread House, we'll use a lot of common sense and try to keep our immune systems strong; but we won't be taking the drug-company flu elixir, no matter what Emperor O. and his minions tell us.


BD said...

Thanks for posting this I'm not an anti-vaccine person per se, but I'm highly dubious, to put it mildly, about this vaccine and the "epidemic" in general. As someone who has never ever had the flu (I know this is hard to believe, but it's true), I don't take much stock in fear tactics. That said, I also have an associate whose son is currently on life support due to H1N1 complications, so I don't discount it's possibly deadliness. But all flu can be deadly.

What I really don't like the government's marriage to Big Pharma (surprise!), government- induced health panic and that to what many reeks of government takeover of one more area of our personal lives.

Erykah said...

i dont know what was worse, declaring a national emergency when the number of deaths is so low or watching people line up for hours trying to get a vaxx. if you dont take the shot youre an idiot and if you do youre a sheeple. either way, this exercise in brainwashing, global mobilization and martial law is underway and making a huge profit.