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Friday, November 27, 2009

One of the Many Reasons that I Despise Government Schools, Even the Good Ones

Let's be clear on nomenclature here: the "public schools" are no more for the common good of the community than adoption is good for natural families. And since they have been bought by the ridiculous "No Child Left Behind" act, a federal cap and trade scheme that basically places ALL public schools, including those fancy schmancy charter schools that are all the rage, in the hands of the Emperor du Jour, in this case, Savior Obama, the public schools have indeed become government schools, more specifically, federal government schools. Of course, that makes me some kind of racist, homophobic, fundamentalist that the government will soon place on its terrorist list. Yes, right close to "is white and Christian" as a terrorist identifier, is "uses the term government schools" on the "New Trends in Terrorism" list, which will become an essay, which will become a book, which will inform the Feds who's not walking the politically correct chalkline for the common good of all subjects in Savior Obama's empire.

Speaking of empires, I hope to read Lord of the Flies to the boys in some relatively soon trip to the East Coast, but in the meantime, this classic book is being played out in schools across Amerika, even in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Now, Mr. Thinking Mama/Comic Mom is from Florida and you can certainly say that he is lucky to have escaped Miami relatively torture-free. However, I think that wonderful occurrence was due more to the timing of his departure, i.e., the 80s, than to the supposedly wonderful government school that he attended. Mr. Thinking Mama told me once, and I have written about it, that his first grade teacher made the class laugh at a little girl who'd peed in her pants. As the mom of a first grader, I can tell you that toilet training is certainly iffy at that age, even if things have seemed very normal and grown up for a while. More than one kindergartener/first grader in my children's dance classes has peed in pants, a relatively normal event for the child who's just learning to control the bladder and do other more fun things than go to the bathroom. It's not anything to be laughed at. And yet, Mr. Thinking Mama's teacher encouraged laughter at this particular little girl. She even required it, something Mr. Thinking Mama, and probably most of his then-classmates, has had to live with for many years. Yet, what becomes of children when they are forced to laugh at a child who makes the very childlike move of peeing in his or her pants? What becomes of that entire class? Of classes all over the country in which that has happened? Fortunately, Mr. Thinking Mama has had relatively strong moral guidance and the event did not cause him to become a criminal of any sort. Then again, his mom stayed home with him and he and his brother were expected to act, well, as young gentlemen. Things are bad enough for public school children who have good moral guidance at home. What happened to the children in Mr. Thinking Mama's class who weren't as fortunate in the moral guidance department? What happened to the children whose parents were divorcing during their child's first grade year? Did this incident become enmeshed and entangled with lots of negative energy and difficult emotions? What about the children whose families did not, for whatever reason, provide such guidance? Who knows?

Nonetheless, some of Mr. Thinking Mama's then-classmates have spawned children of the current school-age generation, i.e., the generation that grew up unable to bring a gun to school, but living in the shadows of Columbine and other destructive scenes in which morally decrepit youth shot and killed classmates with relative ease. Extremely disturbing is the latest Lord of the Flies trend, no doubt brought on by a generation of bored teenagers who have little guidance in the morals department, brought up by parents who may be too busy fighting over custody to figure out what's going on with their child. Thus, there should be little surprise when these bored youths who are barred by state law from working without a permit have too much time on their proverbial hands and a mess of tangled emotions sans morals developed mostly in the prison-like structure of the government schools do something as idiotic and morally disgusting as set fire to one of their classmates. Here's the story.

It's a bad one: Six weeks ago, 15-year-old Michael Brewer was "doused with rubbing alcohol" and "set ablaze." He's receiving the regular Oprah-watcher treatment by the media, with his heroic efforts praised, as they should indeed be. But should a middle schooler have to pay this kind of punishment for merely trying to survive the government's mandate of staying behind the chain-linked fence all day? There is scant mention of his killer in the article:
Three teens who attended Deerfield Beach Middle School with Michael Brewer have been charged with attempted murder in the attack outside an apartment complex. Police say the boys doused Michael with rubbing alcohol and set him on fire. Two other teens were arrested and released after prosecutors decided not to charge them.

Keep in mind here that all this occurred under the rubric of those fabulous middle schools that the government has been opening for a few decades now, under the guise of providing students of a certain age with a wonderful atmosphere in which they'll be able to grow and learn and make lifelong friends. Doesn't it sound just peachy?!? I'm sure that the middle school these boys came from is full of puzzled parents who just can't quite understand why their wonderful school was the backdrop for this horrendous event that Michael will have to live with for the rest of his life. And as with the recent rape that occurred in a government school setting, which had many onlookers and no one to actually help anyone, even by simply calling 9-1-1 on their iPod cell phones or whatever, this event seemed also to have onlookers. Could it be that the parents of these onlookers have allowed their children's teachers, under the guise of educating them, to somehow teach, as Mr. Thinking Mama's teacher did, that it is okay to kill people, or at least to set them on fire? Are government school students learning that experimenting with people's lives and their physical bodies is simply peachy? Surely, all this immorality can't be learned merely from television. I'd say the morally decrepit people who changed Michael's life and the life of his family forever will probably not suffer nearly as much as Michael will every time he looks in the mirror, for the rest of his life. Michael's parents seem to be reacting much better than I probably would in the situation and they certainly have a difficult road to travel, thanks to the school that they were told would help their son, would educate him, would give him a better life, all for free, of course. Ah, more government lies, indeed! For Michael, and the countless other victims that government schools create, to be bullied and burned and whatever by the bullies-sans-morals that the government schools churn out, the lies are no longer theoretical; for him and for the many other victims of government schools, the lies are showing themselves and many of us are beginning to see that yes, even in good public schools, bad things happen. In fact, any time that you turn your child over to the government all day, you can expect that your child, if he or she has any sensitivity at all, will receive a bit of training that will aim to desensitize him or her. Unfortunately, this training came at quite a cost to Michael and his family. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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