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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cute Panda Bears and the Chinese Government That's Saving Them

Sure, I've been busy lately, or maybe it's just that there's so much to write about. Emperor O. has said that we can have pot stores in California, for instance, and sure enough, the L.A. City Czars are trying to regulate the hell out of neighborhood pot stores and make sure that they make no money. I want to write more about this regulation weirdness regarding a natural herb that God gave us, but it's late and I need to go to bed and frankly, I'm afraid the subject of this entry will be eaten if I don't write about it soon. Yes, it's cereal!

Before I go on, please allow me to explain how cereal is handled here at the Gingerbread House. We buy three boxes of cereal per month. Granted, cereal is one of the greatest time savers ever, but nobody's ever convinced me that it's nutrituous. Not that I particularly cared about nutrition when I was scarfing down the yummy King Vitamin as a child. Nor did I care much when, in my first semester at North Carolina State, I had a cafeteria card and ate enough Captain Crunch to last many lifetimes. Gosh, was it ever good! And yet, when it comes to nutrition for my babies, I'm all about trying not to eat as much out of a box. Therefore, we've had yummy crock pot meals for breakfast and sometimes, we make skillet fried potatoes. Cereal is indeed a special treat and each boy gets to choose one cereal box per month.

When it came time recently for the November cereal--and I'm happy to say that with three birthdays in the Gingerbread House during this month (including mine!), that cereal was not even thought much about until mid-month--the boys were at Whole Foods. Therefore, we obtained cereal masked in politically correct boxes, which brings me to this entry, which you may have thought I'd forgotten:

The Envirokidz cereal box is clearly intended to make children think of the globalists' politically correct view of the world, i.e., that many animals are much more valuable than humans. Especially when those animals are cute giant pandas or some such. Now please don't misunderstand me: On my first trip to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., on a Close-Up trip when I was in high school, I absolutely fell in love with the pandas there, although I don't know if they are technically "giant" pandas or not. Who can argue with the cuteness of a panda bear? Not I!

Reading the back of the cereal box (and what child of the 70s doesn't absolutely love to do that--why, I remember when there were actual records of songs by the Archies on cereal boxes!), I found this text, written, evidently, by a giant panda himself:

If you take a look at the map under my picture, you can see life has sure changed for us giant pandas. We used to have lots of area to live and eat in, but our neighborhood is getting pretty small. Luckily, the Chinese government and groups like Wildlife Trust and their partners are helping us by setting up places called Nature Preserves, where we can live safely; and Bamboo Corridors, so we can move around when we need to find more bamboo to eat. Some days I spend 14 hours eating--I need about 40lbs (sic) of bamboo every day! That's a lot of salad!

No doubt, this particular panda has better grammar than many of my former students at NCSU. He (I'm guessing the panda's gender from the picture and the text, but I might be wrong!) is certainly a good writer; maybe he should help me edit some NIH proposals. Nonetheless, Giant Panda Boy (GPB) said something that really bothered me: "Luckily, the Chinese government . . . " Now, I'm not saying that GPB or any of his giant panda friends have ever really bothered to go outside the U.S. and taste the relative freedom, say, of the National Zoo (and I'm not talking about Congress or the White House, in this particular instance, although I would also describe those institutions as zoos) in D.C., but really, praising the Chinese government?!? This is the same government that kills human babies and kidnaps them, all in the name of population control, of course, so that the survivors can be sold to adopters in the West. To praise the Chinese government for anything seems bizarre. But then again, GPB doesn't really know much about things outside China.

However, I can't help but think that Whole Foods does. Perhaps some witty writer at Whole Foods can explain to GPB that the Chinese government is horrid and has been, well, less than nice to children for years. From what I've read about the Chinese government, they're known more for killing people than for saving panda bears. Perhaps a Chinese government employee helped GPB to write his speech. I know that kidnapping and killing (or forcing the parents to kill) children is not nearly as sexy and attractive as GPB, but for my money, it's certainly important to tell that part of the story about China, especially when the cereal is marketed to children. It's a good thing that Peanut Butter Panda Puffs are so tasty. Otherwise, it'd be easy to get all caught up in thinking that the Chinese government is fabulous for saving GPB and his giant and extremely cute bamboo-eating friends.

In case the Federal Trade Commission is monitoring this blog, as they are wont to do these days, please note that I am disclosing in my somewhat review of this product, that I did not receive Envirokidz Organic Peanut Butter Panda Puffs for free. Gosh, I sure hope I have the receipt!

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