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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

America's Fabian Socialist Magazine Delivers Again

Sometimes, I think that I allow the Los Angeles Times to come into our home only because sometimes I need a bit of inspiration for writing. Whether it's failing to print my letters on adoption, relegating Ron Paul to the occasional negative article while he is running for president, or doing some other kind of statist grandstanding, the Times never does quite fail to make me angrier than an old wet hen, in some form or fashion. The question for me is: How long does it take to find something that is inane in the Times? This past Sunday's was a bit different; it took more than the usual 5 or 6 seconds. Saturday night was Cub Scout night at Dodger Stadium and we had quite a blast watching the Dodgers win the National League West championship, 5-0 over the Colorado Rockies. I'm not much of a sports fan per se, although with the every human in this house except moi of the male persuasion, I have to learn to enjoy games. I was more than happy to stand in line for hot dogs, no matter how long that task took. And of course, the full moon over the stadium made things much more lively also. A real plus, however, is that this morning's receipt of the Times into the Gingerbread House kitchen was all about the game; therefore, it took a while before I actually got to the pissing-me-off part. And in fact, being that I didn't look at much of the supposed news, which misses the real news, such as the fact that Obama seems to yawn at Israel's supposed hidden weapons while taking such a close look at countries that seem to harbor the real terrorists--as everyone knows , there are no terrorists in Israel--that he's as hot to take us to a war with Iran as Emperor Bush was. The names have changed, and the ethnicities, but not much else at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Nonetheless, it's important, even on such a slow news day, to hype up the unconstitutional United Nations. Crazy people like Ron Paul, and me, of course, believe that the U.N. has done a lot more to hurt the world than it has to help. Sure, in the public school patch where I grew up, the harvest I received regarding the U.N. was their humanitarianism, their contests and other propaganda regarding their Halloween ritual for all children of the 70s--Trick or Treat for UNICEF. Nobody ever told me that this organization had plans to force peace on an otherwise unpeaceful world, no matter how many people are killed in this peacemaking process. Certainly, no one told me that they planned to take away my guns or indoctrinate children to live in the supposedly diverse and wonderful utopia that they were creating, whether we want it or not. Nobody ever told me that this organization would attempt to set its own policy for the good of those who supply its money. Nope! I only heard that trick-or-treating for UNICEF was good for, you guessed it, the children. When you're a child, it's great to do something that you feel helps the children, even if it does more harm than good.

Therefore, only in the last few years have my previously clouded eyes been brightly opened to the sneakiness of the United Nations, including their push to make International Baccalaureate Studies programs across America the hot thing for those seeking supposed academic excellence for their progeny; this program is doing as much to revive the failing government schools as the rather ridiculous "magnet programs" of the 70s and 80s. It would be horrid, however, if Americans began to see through the stinky waste of the United Nations. Therefore, it's up to Parade: America's Fabian Socialist Magazine to give us a nice little public relations piece, in the form of an insightful article, of course.

"New [U.N.] ambassador Susan Rice" pronounces her faith in the wonderful glorious organization that tries hard to make all nations the third-world countries that despots so love to rule. Now, Susan's age is so close to my own that I am willing to bet my best 401K stocks that this "super-smart and personable internationalist" grew up listening to the same U.N. propaganda that I heard in North Carolina's government schools.

The article starts with a glorious declaration of how U.S. sanctions stopped a ship that may have been carrying military stuff, perhaps even (gasp!) "weapons of mass destruction, perhaps even nukes." See, isn't the United Nations wonderful? "The reason it couldn't land was a recently passed United Nations resolution that called upon any member nations receiving the ship to board it, inspect it, and seize any contraband found." In other words: Let's spread our unconstitutional searches around the world! I feel about as safe trusting the United Nations to save me and my family from perhaps errant ships as I do trusting the FDA to save me from supposedly dangerous medications.

Nonetheless, this propaganda piece will serve exactly what the elite want to promote the global government that they have sought for so very long: The United Nations is a helpful organization, an umbrella organization for the United States, and the only way that we can even have a sliver of hope for world peace. Ron Paul, of course, has other ideas. And I must admit that the free market concept seems so simple that it evidently flies right by the common sense of most people: "If we were really interested in democracy, peace, prosperity and safety, we would pursue more free trade with other countries. Free and abundant trade is much more conducive to peace because it is generally bad business to kill your customers." Ah, but who in this world isn't so brainwashed by NPR, government schools, and mainstream media that they can even begin to understand Dr. Paul's simplicity.

Meanwhile, I look at the Parade picture of the two mulattos, Rice and Obama, sitting together in some U.N.-sanctioned way, and I realize that they are no less willing to be one-world government puppets than their supposedly pure-bred white predecessors. It's a real shame that while people are celebrating Obama's being the first African-American president, no one's talking about how much this man of a different color is so very much like his European-American White House antecedents. People may look at Rice and think she's some kind of trendsetter, but unfortunately, she's merely one in a lengthy line of elite-sponsored one-world government drones that has been schlepping for the system. Lots of people see something new with the Obama administration; thanks to a bit of help from America's Favorite Socialist magazine, I see more of the same old freedom-taking-away crap, disguised as an in-depth article on the United Nations.

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