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Monday, September 28, 2009

The G20 Thing

Look, at its very best, and Savior O. admits as much, the whole G20 thing is about regulating the economy; it's all about a whole global regulatory thing for the world, one that Savior O. will be more than happy to implement per orders, or rather, suggestions, of his string pullers. I wish I could be more positive. I really do. Of all the presidents, probably I would have liked to sit down the most with Jimmy Carter, until he accused anyone who crosses Savior O.'s path of being a racist. Whether or not he was a good president (and he wasn't so hot, unfortunately), he was certainly a cool Southerner and he had a daughter around my age. It was fabulous hearing someone who was running for president and who talked kinda like me, too. I also liked that he claimed to be a Christian. I didn't realize, at the time, that he was just as much of a puppet as the rest of them. Or either he wasn't and they realized it. Unfortunately, I think it's the former.

Anyway, I've seen some really horrid video of protesters at the University of Pittsburgh being extremely harassed by the police. And the police look horridly scary, as if they are looking for trouble, all dressed in black with riot helmets on, as if they're marching across Runnymede or something. Ah, but trying holding a sword up to these scary taxfeeders and see what they'll to do you. They do horrid things to polite people who seem to be completely unarmed. Probably, many of Pittsburgh's finest have been trained in Iraq; many Pittsburgh finest-to-be, or rather, finest-in-waiting young gentlemen will probably be trained in an Iranian war. Or who knows where else, being that Savior O. is turning out to be no less a warmonger than his royal predecessor. My question is: What are the University of Pittsburgh students doing that they have time to protest?!? In the eighties, I was far too busy figuring out things such as, "Why do I like to spend so much time with my roommate?" and "Why do I like spending time with my roommate more than I do my boyfriend?" and such, life-wrenching questions, mind you, to give one bit of crap about political stuff. Actually, that's not true: I worked for the president of the Young Democrats at NCSU and I didn't much care for him. Well, there you go.

Anyway, my life has come quite a ways since those sexually-confused days of embryonic adulthood and now, I just can't help but wonder if things have gotten so bad in this world that students actually look outside themselves and care enough about the coming New World Order, which increased governmental regulations fully support, to protest. If so, we are really in some deep mud. In the eighties, there did not seem to be much to protest about.


Jim Wetzel said...

Back in my Operation Rescue days, in the late 1980s, Pittsburgh had a ripe reputation for the brutality of its thug police. However, from what I've been able to gather, the SWAT presence there for the G20 crime syndicate meeting was far too extensive to have had much to do with the local potentates. It's probably more closely related to the army's having a domestic "command" these days.

Ah, the Tree of Liberty's getting mighty thirsty ...

Erika said...

people are either incredibly distracted and self involved or suffering. either way, not very many are attune to what is coming.we are on the eve of the new world order and many good smart ppl i know think it's just punchy great.they like the idea of a UN army to save those in darfur and they have no idea how much corruption and human rights abuses will take place in the name of human rights. im of the opinion that if individual countries are raping and screwing over their own citizens, why would the g20 or a UN style one world government mean anything different? We dont need to give up our sovreignty to acheive world peace. This shit was all taught in kindergarten.

Thinking Mama said...

Unfortunately, Erika, I think you're right: People are looking forward to a U.N. "peacekeeping" force, i.e. a global army. And yes, people ARE incredibly distracted, mostly by television and other such circuses.

Thinking Mama said...

You know, Jim, you and I come from incredibly different places, or so it must seem to most people. Back in my Planned Parenthood-supporting days, I used to have my yearly exam at a Planned Parenthood, so that I could support a woman's right to choose, as the mantra goes. Now that I see more clearly through the right-to-choose rhetoric, I realize there are more pressing things concerning this nation than whether or not a woman supposedly has this so-called right. My guess is that debates such as those surrounding abortion are specifically designed to keep us from seeing the larger picture, i.e., the growing police state, the G20 crime syndicate, et al. It's much easier for television-induced brains to understand the you're-killing-a-baby/women-must-have-a-right-to-choose debate than it is to figure out how free market economics works and how the leaders that we supposedly select are royally screwing up our lives and those of our descendants by placing us in a controlled economy. I don't claim to know the exact intentions of the Founding Fathers, but it seems as though they were really concerned about giving people the freedom to speak and the freedom to walk about without fear of federally-subsidized police. If we didn't have such a government school mentality in this country, my guess is that there would be much less need and desire for abortion; there would also be fewer people who would be willing to be government mercenaries.

Even though we come from supposedly different political views, we've certainly ended up pretty much on the same proverbial page: devoted to saving the few freedoms that we have left.