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Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Adoption Propaganda Piece

I'm sad but not surprised to report that the News and Disturber has posted another adoption propaganda piece, this time about the joys of open adoption. Did you realize that you could be a mother and not a parent? Gosh, I love how mainstream media are redefining family. And how the general public is buying it. Oh, isn't it so very good when an adoptee knows her incubator?!? And when those who, sadly, cannot have their own children can pretend they are parents? Isn't this a joyous Mother's Day story? About a mother who's extremely happy to lose her precious daughter and about a couple who was more than happy not to support the mother in raising her child, but to take said child away? Oh, Joy!

And, of course the adopters are singing the praises of adoption in the comments section of the article. Personally, I found it worth it to register and leave a comment.

Of course, Amy, the natural mother, is demeaned to a mere breeder and the message is clear: Adoption is a fabulous and gorgeous option to abortion; in fact, it's really the only option to abortion worth considering: Don't ever, ever consider keeping, breastfeeding, and raising your own baby. Oh, and lest we forget: A college degree earned on time with a scholarship is definitely worth giving away your firstborn. With such wonderful publicity, I'm sure that all beautiful little girls reading this article will one day want to give away a baby to a couple who can't have their own. Don't dare say anything about any pain that real mother Amy feels: she's certainly in the land of denial, smiling, as if giving your baby to someone else is the most wonderful thing in the world.

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Jade said...

my open adoption closed down and it was devestating.the promise of openness was the only way i could sign.but now that i have seen what open adoption is about, im glad its closed. adoptive parents arent stupid.they use it as a tactic to gain the child and then cut ties.because its not about whats best for the child or its mother, its about her being the ONLY mother. honestly, if it hadve stayed open, my kid would eventually ask why do i live with you? and i would have a hard time not being her mother. i dont do table scraps.