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Monday, March 16, 2009

A Very Obama Country

As many people are losing their jobs in the private sector, or rather, what's left of the private sector, the government is surely finding ways to absorb these folks into the public fold. In earlier times, by a better educated populace, we'd call this kind of thing socialism or more appropriately, communism. But it's all done by what Vox Day calls The Magic Negro and as a result, people are more than happy to accept it and simply call it Obamaism. Whatever the emperor speaks is okay and people are, of course, suffering enough that they don't particularly care that Obama is prolonging these economic bad times by commanding the government to print more money. It's pretty clear from this piece of propaganda in Forbes that fascism is not only accepted and embraced by people, but that no one dare speak its name. When the government makes public-private partnerships, you've got fascism. As this entry from Wikipedia shows, fascists favor collaboration and oppose excessive state intervention. In other words, let's all be nice and play together. Because the government says so.

The fascists made a moderate stance on the economy, effectively declaring that they favoured class collaboration while opposing excessive state intervention into the economy, and calling for pressure on industrialists and workers to be cooperative and constructive, saying:

As for economic democracy, we favor national syndicalism and reject State intervention whenever it aims at throttling the creation of wealth.[36]

We shall fight against technological and moral backwardness. There are industrialists who shun both technological and moral innovations. If they don't find the strength to transform themselves they will be swept aside. We must impress upon the workers, however, that it is one thing to destroy, and quite another to build. Destruction can be the work of an hour, but construction may require years or centuries.[37]

No one much cares any more that we are much less free than we were even ten years ago. As long as Emperor Obama is at the helm, people believe they can relax and rake in the government benefits. Mr. Thinking Mama and I are currently on COBRA insurance, which means that we are paying $1400 per month to be insured. Do I like this? Not particularly. And who knows what the future holds? It will be nice if Mr. Thinking Mama finds a job where he has insurance benefits, but if not, then we'll figure out something else. Unfortunately, the government has interfered way too much in the insurance business and premiums are extremely high these days. The solution, according to the Obama-ites is that the government must rescue us even more. Even intelligent folks believe this crap these days. With media continuing pro-Socialist propaganda and smearing or ignoring people who actually believe in the Constitution, such as Ron Paul, what else can we really expect?

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