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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Stimulating Stimulus

There's not a lot of time to write these days. Or rather, I'm not taking a lot of time to write. There are bigger proverbial fish to fry. Anyway, I did take a glance at the News and Disturber today and I found out that North Carolina, which has turned into some kind of totalitarian madhouse since we left, is now about to have its capital city, in which I lived for many years, receive a bit of stimulation for an already hungry police force. Now, I'll say that I've never had anything but good happen to me when Raleigh's finest have brushed by me, although I have gotten a few speeding tickets (mainly from lesbian police officers--they never let anyone get away with anything). Nonetheless, all local police departments these days seem to be into receiving federal money, either not realizing that money comes with strings attached or not caring that it does. Either way, the result is that the feds can dictate even more closely what local police departments do. And that is not good at all. Take a look at the story's sidebar and you'll see that quite a few North Carolina cities are sucking from the Obama teat (sorry for the visual on that one). It's a shame and there's no telling what kind of guidelines the feds will come up with for all this money they're doling out. The real mystery here, however, is how the News and Disturber has not bothered to mention a bit about how this stimulus package fits in with anything in the Constitution. I wonder if Obama's covered this whole Constitutional thing at all in relation to all the money he's been encouraging Congress to print so that the masses will feel more secure in their indentured servitude. Well, I try not to listen to his doublespeak; so, maybe I missed his speech on it.

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