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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Homeschooling: It Shows

We were in line at Trader Joe's (TJ's) the other night and the cashier was talking to the boys. By the time we left, she'd talked quite a bit to the boys and she'd allowed them to scan some things, as the nice cashiers often do at TJ's, and she said, "Are they homeschooled?" At first, of course, I thought she was referring to the two bottles of wine that I'd bought, as in, "Most people who homeschool drink lots of wine; I've noticed that." And yes, homeschooling does have its moments where a bottle of wine or two looks really good to the parents. However, in this particular case, she seemed amazed that my boys seemed so intelligent, mature, and at ease in talking with adults. Turns out she was homeschooled herself and she claimed to be able to tell homeschooled children by the way that they act. I can relate to what she's saying. Although there are some real terrors amongst the children in the homeschooling community, there are many children who are quite fabulous indeed. I don't think much about it as I take the boys with me on my daily errands and as they freely interact with the adults and children that we see. However, I am sometimes reminded, as I was with this TJ's employee, that homeschooled children often do have a maturity level far beyond that of their government-schooled peers. I think it's probably because homeschooled children are not sequestered in a room and to a certain plot of land, deemed sacred by the school czars, all day. My children, as well as those of many other homeschoolers, receive lots of real-life experience; they don't sit around in the unrealistic atmosphere of a classroom all day, with 20 or so other students their age and one or two adults who are trying to fulfill federal government standards.

I'm not the only one who sees this difference. The lovely and intelligent writer Karen DeCoster sent this story my way:

Trish --

You may want to spread this great story to the homeschooling community.

God I love homeschooled kids!

I certainly agree with Karen's last sentence. And yes, most homeschoolers, not being bogged down by the ridiculous things that keep government schoolers behind gates all day, are free to explore, mature, and learn the way that nature intended.

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