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Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Mania--I'm sick of it!

Tomorrow is the day that King Obama is officially annointed Messiah, Savior, Buddha, and whatever other religious entity that he will replace. As I've woken up to the increasing socialism that the New-World-Order-promoting elites are placing around us, at almost every turn, I continue to be amazed at the number of people, often with multiple degrees, who are sheep following Master Obama and his every move. Otherwise sensible and well-educated folks are acting as if he's somehow going to save us from whatever we need saving from. Not many seem to realize that he's plunging us into the very same socialism that George Bush, a.k.a. King Jorge, started. The Executive Orders overruling Congressional decisions were made by Bush; they'll be carried out by Messiah Obama. Speaking of Congress, did anyone happen to note that both Messiah Soul Man and Messiah Old Man (i.e., John McCain) voted to plunge our country and our descendants further into debt by bailing out private industries. Does anybody even care anymore?!? I'm tired of shouting. I'm tired of listening to National Propaganda Radio and the rest of mainstream media fawning all over Obama and finding reasons to write about him, even if it's something as lame as an article about what a good father he is (supposedly).

I want to hear Messiah Obama no more than I wanted (or want) to hear King Jorge. I am extremely disappointed that so many people have fallen for Messiah Obama's bull, just as they fell for King Jorge's (well, many of them fell for it). I am also extremely disappointed that no one seems to care much about the Constitution anymore. If anyone really cared, they'd be asking Messiah Obama about leaving our economy to work itself out through the free market and they'd be asking him to leave health care the hell alone. It's really sad how much people, even the supposedly intelligent ones, have been conditioned to gladly accept socialism and the New World Order that is quickly coming upon us. No one cares much about freedom anymore. Not many people remember Ron Paul or Peter Schiff, even though they are the only people I've heard in mainstream media speak the truth.


LNC Region 7 said...

I found this preview this morning - it's interesting, given the political climate . . . :o)

Jade said...

Amen sister..while the whole world is drinking obama flavored kool aid, not many people can see the very obvious..

Jade said...

Amen sister..while the whole world is drinking obama flavored kool aid, not many people can see the very obvious..

Dave Q. said...

I think more and more Americans are getting tired of him already.