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Friday, August 29, 2008

What I'd Like To Do With Sarah Palin

First, let me get this off my chest, so to speak. I think that Sarah Palin is totally hot. And not just because she's in Wikipedia, although a good Wikipedia mention to someone that I'm attracted to never hurts. She is an MILF for sure! She has five children and a husband and I'm sure that she thinks she's straight. I could see myself with a couple of drinks (after which, as I've mentioned previously, I become straight myself). I would take her in my arms and kiss her and get her to be a Ron Paul supporter, all in one night! I've already read that she admires Ron Paul; getting her to give up this silly VP idea may be easy. Back to the cabin, though, we'd be, I think, just two totally straight women kissing and trying to rub the snow off each other's nose. Really. In a cabin. Surely there's a Governor's Cabin somewhere in Alaska that she and I could take the children to. Then, after all eight together (her five and my three) are in bed, well . . . there is all that snow to rub off.

Well, except that she's sold out to the Neocons. Bitch! Don't they all? Damnit. It's not just that she's straight (or so it seems--has she actually said it?), it's that she can stomach being in the room with John McCain! And why didn't McCain think about doing a bit of talking to Ron Paul about the Vice Presidency? Could it be that my opportunity to be with Sarah in the Alaska's governor's cabin was lost when McCain picked her to be his VP? No doubt, she is loads better looking than Joe Biden; so, I'd certainly want her face all over the L.A. Times for the next four years. But still . . .

At the very least, she'll get a book deal. Those of you who've been reading my blog know how upset I am about all these undeserving people getting a book deal, such as John Edwards' mistress (but not, of course, the mother of his child, at least that what his p.r. people are saying) and the woman who got herself arrested in Raleigh. But Lord, Lord, I get rejected for a book deal and comedy show by the f'in' LaLeche League because of my blogs and articles. So, would I, hot as Sarah Palin is, be able to rub off snow successfully with her if she got a book deal and I didn't?!? On the other hand, if she gets a book deal and I can do the cabin thing with her, then, why, I can write a book. I can have a book deal about having an affair with Sarah Palin! I LOVE it! Sarah Palin, I have officially invited myself to your Alaska governor cabin, baby!

Um, Sarah, if you're reading, I must mention that for many reasons, not the least of which is that you'll have little time for us to do the Alaska governor thing if you become VP (and you might even lose the governor's cabin) , I don't want you to become VP of these United States. Why? Alaska's pretty dark and cold in the winter; so, you've got a cushy job. Why leave it? What does the Alaska governor do anyway, other than say no to the feds when they want to drill? Also, you've got five children to homeschool. You are conservative, aren't you? Then, get your behunkas off the campaign circuit and take care of them youngin's, one of which is an infant, as I recall. I'm not saying women shouldn't work, but I am wondering if you'll hire a nanny and do all the crappy Washington stuff that VPs have to do, if you become vice president; and remember, you can easily be a president with McCain as old as he is, if he gets "elected." Good Lord, Sarah, I about went crazy trying to edit a proposal for NASA today and do something with my children instead of sitting them in front of the television for a few hours. How the hell do you do the governor thing and take care of those children? Or is it more boring to be a governor of Alaska than a proposal editor, as I imagine may be the case? Anyway, I saw a picture of you signing a bill with your baby in the sling. As a mom who took my third son with me on stage in a sling when he was an infant, I totally admire that.

But you'll get a book deal, even just from this VP nomination thing. And you know what? That will make me want to do the cabin thing even more with you. Except maybe we'll do it in Charlottesville. In fact, wouldn't it be great if you were in Washington and I was in North Carolina? But then, there's the whole pot thing. If you're into pot, we'd be able to do that kind of thing better on the West Coast. A friend of mine who's about our age, Sarah, (and I really hope that you're reading right now, or else, I'll feel awfully foolish because I've started writing as if to you, Sarah) this friend was telling me that because pot was legal in Alaska, the people that she used to babysit for while she was in high school--those folks grew pot! So, surely, Sarah, you have had at least a bit of experience with pot when you were in high school. You're probably cool with what nature gives us, even though you hang with the Neocons these days.

And I read that you led your basketball team (oh, how absolutely butch of you!--I'm diggin' it!) in prayer and that you got up at 3 a.m. to hunt moose with your father (a daddy's girl--again, I'm diggin' it. And I'm wondering if you've never been attracted to women. I've rarely known a girl who hunted moose with her father who didn't have some lesbian tendencies, but maybe that's just me.). You are some kind of woman. You deserve to do more with your life than be a VP. But I know, there is that book deal thing.

Anyway, I'm cool with the book deal thing, Sarah. I really am. Even if you get VP. I'll meet you at a cabin here on the West Coast, or in Charlottesville, VA (surely Clinton had the feds to pay for some kind of weekend hideaway in Charlottesville while he was in office--you can check on that for us). It snows in Charlottesville. And I'm from Raleigh. So, we can find a way to rub snow off each other's noses, whether on the East or West Coast.

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By the way, for everyone (and Sarah), take a look at my latest video, Sperm in a Sock. You can also see it at You Tube.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Well-Meaning Mother

The road to hell, it is said, is paved with good intentions. While I'm not saying that Mary Rider is going to hell or anything, I am saying that her supposed good intentions leave quite a bit to be desired. In this News and Disturber story, Rider is called a "gentle Garner dissident." She is a mother of eight, one of those children being a mere three years old. Nonetheless, Rider chose to get herself arrested. While I respect her stance regarding the death penalty--she claims that the state has no right to take someone else's life--I do not respect the way that she got herself into trouble. It makes a good deal of sense to me that she has a master's in social work. There is hardly a less useful degree than social work and hardly anything that we need less in our society than those who busy themselves with other people's business. Nonetheless, Rider evidently swallowed all the progressive goobledygunk that was, no doubt, taught to her in her busybody studies at UNC and she has lots of pity on those whom she deems less fortunate than herself. Like many well-meaning supposed liberals, Rider refuses to see prostitutes as the businesswomen that they really are; instead she wishes to place her nose into their business and "help" them:

She said she used to drive down Garner Road and see prostitutes waiting for rides and wonder what she could do to help them. Now she's beginning to see a bit more of what they go through. That she said is not only an opportunity -- it's a gift.

As a former topless dancer, I realize that the selling of sex and women's bodies, whether it's through modeling, dancing, or having the actual sex, is a choice that women make. Why should I feel sorry for those who make that choice?

And if I wanted to see what prostitutes "go through," I would certainly give the profession a try. What passes for progressive thought classifies people in two categories: those who do work deemed proper by those who fancy themselves qualified to deem it, and those who do work deemed improper. The latter category, of course, provides a multitude of people to feel sorry for. What happens with pity is that we begin to believe that there's a certain class of people who can't do. In other words, instead of looking at prostitution as the choice that it is, Rider and her cronies see prostitutes as forced, somehow, to make money selling sex. And as a bonus, Rider, as a trained social wrecker, probably sees no harm at all in the taking of babies from mothers by the $1.5 billion U.S. adoption industry. Therefore, university-trained, socially-accepted jobs, such as government school teachers and lawyers are just fine, but more practical jobs, such as prostitutes and topless dancers, are not.

It's just this kind of attitude that explains Rider's jail sentence. While I do admire her ability to stand up to the state and not pay court penalties, I can't help but wonder why she got herself arrested in the first place. And what good such an arrest will do in showing anything to the state that she supposedly abhors. Still, I can even find myself somewhat okay with the whole thing, if it weren't for this tidbit in the article:

This week she missed her daughter Veronica's first day at Exploris Middle School.

For those of you who haven't checked out this fine globalist piece of work, it comes straight from the United Nations playbook, financed with taxpayer money. Yep, it's an "independent public school," which means that Rider and other so-called progressives are sending their children to this place to be indoctrinated all day in globalist thinking, with little respect for the U.S. Constitution, or for the U.S. itself. I can hardly think of a better way to be a statist than to go to such a school. If she were really interested in defying the state, she could do so more easily, and teach those eight children how to truly be independent thinkers, by either homeschooling or sending them to a private school. Ah, but that wouldn't be very progressive of her, would it?

And then there's the whole idea of mommy in jail. Personally, as much state abuse as I see and write about, I don't want to find myself in jail. Ever. I don't particularly see how a jail sentence could help any of the causes that I espouse, some of which may indeed overlap with Rider's causes. And what's happening with those children that she's raising while mommy's serving time? This kind of thing reminds me of those career-oriented women who become lawyers and such and hire nannies to take care of their children while they traipse off to their jobs as if they were child-free. These women often think that they're showing their children, daughters especially, that mommy can do it all. Meanwhile, their babies care only that mommy is not there most of the day. I can't help but wonder what these children will learn as they grow up with mommy's being absent most of the time. In Rider's case, she's traipsing off to jail for her cause, giving her fingerprints and DNA to the state that she supposedly dislikes. In addition, she probably won't be able to buy a firearm legally to defend herself from said government. And how much is the state going to change as a result of her jail sentence?

I can't help but wonder how much Rider campaigned against or resisted the Real ID, perhaps a more ominous threat to the state of North Carolina than even the death penalty.

Sure, there is a part of me that wants to do more to abolish this police state that we live in. And yes, I think that state power is out of control. And there's no doubt that if the state kills innocent people in the process of the death penalty, that is indeed a horrid thing. But the state kills many innocent people in many ways. Every day. It's hard to see how my getting arrested would help this cause.

Oh, but like successful prostitute Rielle Hunter, Rider will probably get a book deal out of it. Arghhh!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

America's Propaganda

For promotion of the upcoming film, The Women, Parade, America's Fabian Socialist magazine, interviewed Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, and Eva Mendes. I read that Meg Ryan had gone to China, as is the trend with many wealthy L.A. women these days, and picked out a China baby. Now, do I think that babies should languish in orphanages? No. But let's face it: China's system of adoption and abortion, which takes babies away from perfectly fine moms and sells them to Westerners, will never change until and unless Westerners stop the demand for those babies. Meg Ryan's taking of one of those babies, and the press that this receives, tells American women that taking some mom's child in China is okay, that it is, in fact, desirable. Like most adopters, she underplays what's really happened to the child that she took:

" . . . adoption is just the way that I met my daughter. We have a different story than 'I went to the hospital . . . ' But it's just as mysterious and enormous."

I can't help but wonder if the child's real mother feels this way. And here's something for Meg to think about: We meet our children while they're in the womb. We meet other people's children when we take them away from their families.

The $1.5 billion adoption industry will have a hard time finding better press than they receive when such celebrities as Meg Ryan take a child and act as if the child is her own.

Right now, Ryan's China girl is three and my guess is that when she's older, Meg will take the girl back to China, as many adopters do, for a look how lucky that you are to not be living here tour.

What's not mentioned, of course, is the loss that the girl's family will live with for the rest of their lives.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sometimes I don't write for a while in one of my blogs; sometimes I pay more attention to one than the others. Sometimes I pay more attention to life than to writing. It all depends.

I ran across this story the other day and couldn't help but note that the potential adopters, whose goods were returned, were supposedly elated that the baby was returned to its mother. Wow, I can't help but wonder if that's what they really said. If it is, then that's the first time, I think, that I've heard an adopter glad to have a baby go back to its mom. Maybe things are, indeed, looking up in the world. The adoption industry is certainly being called with this incident.