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Saturday, May 24, 2008

From the Debate at the Amsterdam Cafe . . .

. . . in beautiful downtown North Hollywood. The lovely Pauline Williams narrated this event and I learned there that perhaps this nightmare scenario could occur:

If the Lizard Queen, a.k.a. Queen Hillary, is elected President, her husband can't be elected to an office. Therefore, some have speculated that she would appoint him, as soon as one of the many 80-year-olds on the Supreme Court dies, to a seat on that particular bench. This is especially scary if you think about what all Mr. Clinton could do underneath that robe.

In other news, it's fabulous to hear that somebody has a bit of common sense in the Texas government. Turns out an appeals court figured out that there was absolutely no probable cause for the raid that took over 400 children away from their parents:

The Third Court of Appeals in Austin said the state failed to show the youngsters were in any immediate danger, the only grounds in Texas law for taking children from their parents without court action.

Pauline figures it's a fishing expedition and I'm thinking that it's one of those things that the government is doing to see how closely we're watching the Constitution shred before our eyes; most people are too busy watching Dancing with the Stars or whatever to notice or care. Otherwise, there would be people lined up with shotguns at the Texas Child Protective Services offices. What a bunch of wusses the U.S. has become.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Don't Talk to the Police!

My friend in freedom, Dan, recently sent me this link:
Here is a link to a video presentation by a Virginia law school professor and one of his students who is also a police officer.

Even the cop says in so many words "Don't Talk to the Police!" This is an in depth study of the 5th amendment and what it really means in respect to self incrimination. The professor and the cop also provide some insight on how people become ensnared and otherwise convicted by talking to the police, even if they are innocent. We have all seen the other threads posted on this forum about talking or not talking to the police and the famous 5 words: "I have nothing to say." This video presentation goes beyond that and gives you in depth reasons why you should NEVER talk to the police. Everyone needs to download this and keep it on their computer. Also please share this info with everyone on your personal email list. We need this info to get out as far as possible.

I watched it with the boys; the boys got bored after a while, but the seven-year-old noticed that it's good not to say anything to the police, also known as taking the fifth. We talked a bit about the Fifth Amendment, as well. It's interesting that the phrase "pleading the Fifth" has become almost cliche, and yet, how many people keep their mouth shut when talking to the police? As Dan told me, this video is absolutely worth the 45 minutes or so it takes to watch it. Have your children watch it (or part of it :) as well. An officer talks about how he obtains confessions from young adults. Wow, I can't seem to say enough good things about this video.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Why Ron Paul Isn't the Front Runner

I still can't figure out what part of the Republican Party doesn't like Ron Paul. Well, I can, actually. It's the NeoCons, who pretend to be for freedom but don't remember much about the Constitution. It appears as though the media blackout of Paul has now hit the ranks of those sell-out Republicans who aren't that familiar with the Constitution. Here's a letter that states what happened recently in Colorado. Look for it to come soon to your state. Then, tell me if you don't think that the elite are pulling the strings on this November election campaign:


On Saturday morning, May 10, 2008, I attended the District 1 Annual
meeting of the Colorado Federation of Republican Women. Unbeknownst to me, the 2-hour meeting would end up being an atrocious display of anti-Republican behavior.

In this letter, I will give the details from the meeting that were
repugnant. Before I begin, I feel compelled to state that I could not
believe I was in the presence of Liberty-loving people who stood by and were involved in this complicity. As the Republican National Committee Party Rules state (in the first paragraph), "BE IT RESOLVED, That the Republican Party is the party of the open door. Ours is the party of liberty, the party of equality of opportunity for all and favoritism for none."

The headlining speaker was Michael Eddy from the McCain campaign. I knew something was fishy about this person, as the card attached to each of the 30-some roses he had delivered to the meeting on behalf of the McCain campaign had, on one side, a personal endorsement to support him as a delegate to the State or CD Assembly/Convention.

Mike spent the last quarter of his speech discussing his knowledge about the "large contingency" of Ron Paul supporters in Colorado. He said he was fine with electing people who were Romney supporters to be National delegates, but not Ron Paul supporters. He said delegates should be "loyal" Republicans and Ron Paul supporters are not. He said we should not elect people as delegates who will get to the National Convention and "light their hair on fire". He said Ron Paul supporters would be a disgrace to the Republican Party.

He went on to state that they know that there are about 50 delegates for Ron Paul who will be at the CD 1 Assembly. He brought up what occurred with another state's convention and said that the National organization (RNC) is working closely with the remaining states' organizations to ensure Ron Paul delegates do not get elected. He said the National Committee will be having a conference call with the Colorado State Republican Party Committee on Monday (5/12) to discuss this. He further explained that they would accomplish this by changing the Rules prior to the convention and additionally coming up with their own slate.

After Mike spoke, other members in attendance echoed his inflammatory statements about Ron Paul supporters. Ruth Dolan, president, spoke in agreement with Mike Eddy's statements, as well as other officers. One officer warned everyone to be very "prudent" because there are people among us whom are "wolves in sheep's clothing".

I recognized other Ron Paul supporters in the room, so I know I was not the only one who left the meeting in complete disgust that Republicans could conspire against other Republicans in such a way. This is energy that should be directed towards Democrats, not fellow Republicans!

-- Ron Paul supporter incensed by CFRW District 1 Speaker and Officers