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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Governator Who Forgot Milton Freidman

Although I haven't quizzed our Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger on his reading of it, during his campaign for governor, I remember reading that Arnold had read something by supposed free-market economist Milton Friedman. Now, I say supposed because Friedman was also hired by the government to come up with a fancy schmancy withholding tax scheme during World War II. Maybe Freidman's kinda like me; after all, I gladly write and edit proposals for the government for pay. It seems to me that someone who is truly a free market economist, however, wouldn't fleece the public by coming up with the withholding scheme. But many Libertarians and such hold Friedman up as a shining star of the free market. So, assuming that he is and assuming that Arnold read him, why doesn't Arnold subscribe to more of Friedman's free-market ideas? I am curious about that one.

If Arnold has respect for the free market, he surely isn't showing it with his latest disagreement, this time with Proposition 98. Although it was somewhat hidden on page B10 of today's Los Angeles Times, a very important ballot measure is coming up on June 3rd. It would not only phase out rent control (hooray!) in California, but it would also, according to the Times, "restrict the ability of government agencies to force the sale of private property for projects deemed beneficial to the public." I absolutely love restrictions on government, especially when it comes to their ability to take my private property!

Arnold, however, says no, claiming his supposed fear that Proposition 98 could "delay or drive up construction costs." That's an odd thing to say for any government official; one of the chief driver uppers, if you will, of construction costs is government intervention in private property matters. Anything that stops such intervention seems wonderful to me. The state Transportation Commission, not surprisingly, sides with their boss, saying that Proposition 98 "would ultimately delay projects, and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has also voiced opposition." All the more reason, I think, that this proposition should pass overwhelmingly.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Who Owns Your DNA?

When the elite want something, they are not above cheating their way to it. We see this example easily with mainstream media’s blackout of Ron Paul and Mike Gravel as presidential candidates, despite the candidates’ novel ideas. They are dismissed as crackpots and ignored by the Los Angeles Times and other mainstream propaganda outlets because they do not further the plans of the elite, whose plans include tracking and surveillance that fit along nicely with plans laid out by Aldous Huxley and George Orwell.

A giant step has been taken toward a Brave New World, in which your DNA is owned by the government, with the passage by both the House and Senate of S. 1858, a bill that gives the federal government authority of every newborn’s DNA, without parental consent. The bill passed by voice vote, so we don't really know who voted against it, but it had 73 co-sponsors, which is just another reason to vote everyone out except Ron Paul.

How many people know about this horrendous bill? Call the White House today and demand that King Jorge veto it:

White House numbers:
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