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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Have Clinton and Romney Supporters Come Out Against the Real ID?

I don't think so. At least, I haven't heard wind of it in the Los Angeles Times yet. Matter of fact, I don't think I've read about the Real ID in any mainstream media newspaper. When I mention this national ID scheme to people, most have never heard of it. Yet, it's so very important to stop this beast before it grows. It's easy to refer to the Mark of the Beast in Revelation when you're thinking about the Real ID, but even if you're an atheist, you should be able to see how tracking individuals with a national ID, which is what this thing is all about, is bad news. Here's what Ron Paul has to say about it:

Ron Paul is ‘Strongest Opponent’ of Real ID
Congressman Paul supports Montana’s opposition to Real ID Act

January 20, 2008

Contact: Jesse Benton

KALISPELL, MONTANA – Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate with a long-standing record of strong opposition to Real ID - putting him on the side of the people of Montana, who overwhelming oppose the Real ID Act.

Last Friday, Governor Schweitzer sent a letter to 17 of the Nation's governors seeking their support in rejecting Real ID. In rare unanimity, the Montana Legislature passed HB 287 rejecting the Real ID federal mandate by votes of 100-0 in the House and 50-0 in the Senate. The law was signed by Governor Schweitzer on April 17, 2007.

Real ID watchdog group The Visible Vote 08 has praised Congressman Paul for his opposition to the Real ID Act:

“[T]he strongest opponent of the Act among presidential candidates is Ron Paul, who has taken every opportunity to warn of the creation of a national ID card and the threat to individual privacy facing Americans as a result of enactment of Real ID… Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who has consistently raised the issue of the Real ID Act in presidential debates this year.”

Visible Vote notes that Republican candidates John McCain, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani all support the Real ID Act. [emphasis thinking mama]

Dr. Paul also joins Montana in opposing the loss of civil liberties under the so-called Patriot Act. In 2005, the Montana Legislature passed Senate Joint Resolution 19 by a vote in the Senate of 40-10, and by a vote in the House of 87-12. Congressman Paul has sponsored a bill in Congress to overturn the Patriot Act.


For More Information Contact the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign at

Monday, January 28, 2008

Why I Won't Be Seeing Juno

Jess DelBalzo has written an excellent article regarding adoption and its promotion in Juno, the story of a girl who's more than happy--minus a few tears, of course--to give away her firstborn. Imagine if Mary had done this with Jesus. But today's adoption lobby, fueled by the so-called Christian Right, makes it sound as though a girl should have sex and get pregnant, just so she can give her progeny to a supposedly more deserving couple. Nowhere are the real parents, after the papers are signed. Or maybe in the open adoption, the parents, usually the mother, make a guest appearance on special occasions. This article reminded me of the drivel I've been reading about adoptress Sheryl Crow lately. I read a short article in yesterday's America's Fabian Socialist magazine, Parade, about Crow yesterday, touting her "son." In reality, Sheryl is no mother; never ever is her adoptee's natural mother, or any of his family, mentioned. I guess they're all too busy being excited about losing their son and grandson. Anyway, Jess's article really says a lot. Please pass it on to everyone you know:

Sunday, January 13, 2008

TRUE Private Property

This column, by Joel Turtel, pretty much sums up my feelings about private property. People should be free to choose, for any reason.

One of my favorite quotes from the article:

A school or business owner earned the money and took the risks to buy that school or business. However, if he irrationally excludes too many people as customers, he may soon find himself out of business and bankrupt. The free market often punishes a business owner for being stupid or bigoted. We all dislike bigots, but one man’s bigotry is another’s truth. No one has the right to dictate our opinions or moral values, or to control our property without our consent. That’s what property rights means.

Why I'm Voting for Ron Paul

Sure, I had to change my voting preference from "Democrat" to "Republican," something I thought I'd never ever do, but it's worth it. Ron Paul is also known as the "taxpayer's best friend." Here's why:

House Says Paul Again Set to Return Thousands to Treasury

January 11, 2008

For immediate release

Washington, DC - The U.S. House of Representatives reports that Congressman Ron Paul has once again run his Congressional office in a frugal manner, and he will likely return tens of thousands of dollars to the Treasury once again this year. Preliminary estimates forwarded to Paul’s office indicate he has about $75,000 left in his account.

“Since my first year in Congress representing the 14th district I have managed my office in a frugal manner, instructing staff to provide the greatest possible service to the people of the 14th district at the least possible cost to taxpayers,” said Paul.

Paul’s Chief of Staff, Tom Lizardo, said “It is customary that several thousand dollars of expenditures are not calculated until after this year ends, but I am confident that tens of thousands will remain to be given back once the books finally close on 2007, just as Congressman Paul always instructs us to do.”

Lizardo said that the purchase of new equipment, staff changes and postal rate increases made it especially difficult to restrain spending this year. “Considering Congressman Paul’s efforts helped to land nearly $50,000,000 in appropriations for crucial projects in this part of Texas last year, we are most pleased that we were able to once again get the job done under budget.”

Unfortunately, many people have lost all economic sense and don't realize that the more money you have, the more power you have. Taking away our money by taxation takes away our power, something that feminists and other so-called oppressed folks don't seem to want to understand.