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Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Prop. 8 Crap

Mainly, I've written about Prop. 8 on my lesbian blog, but it's certainly time to bring it here. The economy's in shambles, the Constitution is all but gone, but by golly, none of that seems to matter if gay people have the supposed right to marry a person of the same sex. The more I hear from the Gay Agenda Persons (GAPs), the more I'm sick of them. Or as David Manos, editorial letter writer in the L.A. Times, so succinctly put it: The left believes in freedom of speech and tolerance, as long as you march in lock step with their beliefs. I say: Amen!

According to the editorial letters, and I did not read the original story, a man named Richard Raddon, Director of the Los Angeles Film Festival, lost his job after he contributed $1,500 to the Yes on Proposition 8 people. Yes on Proposition 8 means that state-approved marriage should remain between a man and a woman. For this contribution and his support of keeping state-approved marriage as the definition that has existed for centuries, Raddon was somehow forced to resign. Imagine if the situation had been reversed and a GAP had been fired or forced to resign. Everyone from the Gay and Lesbian Anti-Defamation League to the Southern Poverty Law Center would have been suing the Los Angeles Film Festival. Ah, but Raddon had a belief that, despite centuries of support, was not politically correct. Many GAPs wrote in to let the Times know their displeasure. Two of the letters, of course referred the the "civil rights" of gays and lesbians in marrying a person of the same sex, redefining marriage and family. As my readers know, I am very much against state approval for any marriage; marriage is a sacrament between a man and a woman and God or whomever or whatever. However, opponents of Prop. 8 wish to redefine not only marriage but also the very idea of family. And here's where I beg to differ. God and nature, or nature if you're an atheist, have created the family as being between a man and a woman. Pro-adoptionists started messing with this natural relationship a hundred years or so ago when they began the idea of stranger adoption of infants and children. With such a background, it is no wonder that gay people demand the supposed right to take other people's children and call them their own, or the supposed right to allow an anonymous father to help create a child and then shut the dad out of the child's life forever. This is the kind of social entropy that most gay people fight tooth and proverbial nail to keep, assuring us the whole time that taking a child from its natural parents or giving it a step-mom instead of its real father is highly beneficial for the child and for society in general.

The thing about GAPs is that they portray themselves as victims. My desire to have a family was extremely strong and I realized that if I continued only having sex with women, the family thing would not happen for me. I didn't particularly get angry about this law of nature; I accepted it. It certainly helped, of course, that I was brought up in a community where marriage was highly valued. And it helped that I also dated guys. Sure, I'm a lesbian, but I have choices. Although what I'm about to write certainly is contradictory to the crap that women have been sold with the so-called feminist movement: You can't have your cake and eat it too. Those of us who realize this, and who are against the state's expansion of approval for marriage, for whatever reason, are often called bigots and homophobes and other not very nice names by those who claim to be so very very tolerant. Perhaps Jeff Iorillo, another Times editoral letter writer, expresses the GAP philosophy best with his writing:

Prop. 8 supporters like Richard Raddon financed a lynch mob that strung me up, declared me less human than themselves and robbed me of something I previously had. It is certainly my right to identify such people and to close my wallet to the businesses that provide the income they have used against me.

While my ancestors, to my knowledge, have never been on the receiving end of any lynch mobs, were I of an ancestory besides mainly European, I'd probably be laughing this guy all the way to Africa, laughing at his ignorance of the situation that many people faced one hundred or more years ago. To associate the supposed struggle of people who are attracted to the same sex to those who have been beaten, lynched, and otherwise chastised for the color of their skin and their ancestory is quite an affront to those whose ancestors truly have suffered lynch mobs. Not having state approval of your marriage seems quite pale in comparison to actually being lynched and killed because of your color. Right now, the boys and I are reading Mark Twain's Puddin'head Wilson, a book I highly suggest to show how those of even the smallest inkling of African ancestory have been treated. Are gay people afraid of being sold "down the river," as Roxy in Twain's story was? Does Mr. Iorillo actually fear that someone is going to come to his house and drag him out and hang him? Is Mr. Iorillo truly less than human simply because the state won't approve his marriage? GAPs are people who love being victims. Fortunately, there are gay people who are not victims, but we are much too scarcely represented.

To equate the supposed struggle of gay people to that of any race of people who have suffered is bizarre indeed. Nonetheless, the GAPs will continue to do this until they have completely undone the natural family relationships that have been okay for society since it began. If I want to share my life with a person of the same sex, I can certainly do so. In the state of California, there is nothing to my knowledge that can be done by those who have state approval for marriage, that can't be done by those who do not have it. The trouble really began when the state started licensing marriage.

I'm really tired of the GAPs and their intolerance for the beliefs of others. Just the other day, I talked to a lesbian on the phone and she was telling me how the relationship that she'd just gotten out of, with a woman, was one that she'd hoped "to have a family" with. That's how stupid we've become as a society. Two women can do lots of wonderful things together, but having their own family is not one of them. The thing about GAPs, of whom not all gay people are, is that GAPs want to change society and the rules of nature. As my Jewish friends would say: Oy-vay!

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