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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How The Election Affects Me

I celebrated my birthday Monday and I was born on Election Day. We had a wonderful time at the Gingerbread House.

On my birthday, however, we had to take our new dog to have him neutered. Why? Our next-door neighbor, who threatened to call Child Protective Services the other day when our five-year-old would not come to her when she called him . He's been told not to talk with her and instead of going to her, he came into the house and told me about the incident. She has been threatening to call the Animal Control people and of course, being in the police state that we live in, it's easy to turn in a neighbor falsely. True, our dog has barked but no more than other neighborhood dogs. It's clear that this neighbor has something against us and she seems to be trying to get us to sell our house and move. She was a government school teacher for many years and my guess is that she's so brainwashed that she can't stand it that my children are homeschooling. So, she threatens us. And she calls Animal Control. Turns out, in Los Angeles County, if you don't have your dog neutered and licensed, you could end up in jail. That's right:

Failure to spay/neuter an unaltered dog is a citable violation that can result in a $100 penalty for the first offence and $500 for subsequent violations. In addition (sic) failure to license can result in the assessment of a $500 civil penalty, and dog owners could be found guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1000 and/or one year in county jail.
Yep. Or as Mr. Thinking Mama put it:
"Whatcha in here for?" said the murderer to another inmate.
"Didn't neuter my dog."

In a police state, everybody is a lawbreaker and the law has a huge advantage because of that. We live in a police state. A neighbor can hold a grudge against you and your dog or your children can be taken away. For the record, almost everyone in the neighborhood seems to despise this woman and she has made a lot of people mad. If she continues to mess with us, we are planning to get a restraining order against her and/or sue her for damages.

So, that's much more important to me than who won the presidency. No matter who won, life in socialist Amerika will pretty much continue toward more socialism. On a homeschool list the other day, it was almost forbidden to say anything against King Obama, whom Vox Day calls The Magic Negro. And forget it when I tried to say anything about voting "Yes" on Proposition 8, which I did. I also voted against some proposition that required minors to obtain parental permission before having an abortion. I think that if a person is old enough to get pregnant, she is old enough to make a decision about having an abortion. And I think that if parents want their children to come to them about such an important decision, those parents should have earned trust when the children were toddlers, or earlier. You can't legislate trust between parent and child. You just can't do it.

There was Proposition 2, which seemed to be against animal cruelty, or so it was marketed. It allows the government more control over private property, which people, such as my strange neighbor, seem to welcome.

So, so, so, how does it shake down that King Obama will now reign in the place of King Jorge? King Obama, via Executive Orders, will be able to institute martial law just as well and he'll be able to screw up health care by nationalizing it. He's already voted to do that with the banks.

Oh, but government needs to help out in social issues, such as slavery, said one brainwashed homeschooling mom. Really, I sort of hate learning how these women really look at things sometimes.

As for me, I wrote in Ron Paul. The boys and I and Mr. Thinking Mama were in the polls as they closed. I asked for a write-in ballot and the poll workers had to ask their leader about how to do it. I guess that I may be the only one in my neighborhood who voted for Ron Paul. But I wrote him right in that ballot, proudly, even though he's not officially running. I didn't vote for either of the two-major-party socialists and my children will always remember that I voted for freedom.

As for King Obama, well, he's leading us to socialism, just like McCain, but the difference is that no one really cares. After all, he'll be the first black president! Therefore, no white people can really say anything against him or they'll be branded racist. And I'd love to meet a black person who didn't support him. I hope that those black people exist, just as you can find some women who didn't vote for Hillary.

As King Obama leads us down the primrose path toward Communism, people will throw palm leaves down for him to walk on. Personally, I couldn't care less about his skin color; I care a LOT about the socialism and huge national debt that he will leave for my children, for the health care that he is trying to destroy, and for the nationalized banks, which he has already wholly supported. Sigh. But he's black, so everything's wonderful in Amerika.

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Dean said...

If any white person speaks against Obama, he/she is a person who disagrees with Obama's policies and ideas.