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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And Here's What I Think About Arkansas

There was some bill, and I didn't read it but just heard about it, or proposition or whatever they call it, in Arkansas on Election Day that forbade single people from adopting. It passed. I'm all for it. Why? Not because I don't think that single people could adequately raise a child; some can. My friend Tish, for instance, had a baby nine months after Caleb and although it's difficult for her and the dad is now out of the scene for the most part, she's doing great. From what I understand, the proposition on the ballot was aimed at preventing gay people from adopting. Why is this good? Certainly not because I don't think that gay people are capable of raising children; we are in some cases. The reality is that many, many gay people don't want to raise children, which works out nicely in many cases. For those who do, however, it should be their own child, not someone else's. I used to think, before I found my parents and did research into the adoption industry, that it would be great if gay people who want to be with the same sex adopted all the children who need homes. This idea won't work, of course, partly because of a previously stated reason, i.e., that many gay people don't want children. However, a more important thing to note is that there are 40 potential adopters waiting for each adoptable infant. Make no mistake: this demand for babies is why the states are trying to increase the supply through so-called safe haven laws, which are backfiring in states such as Nebraska, where people are bringing teenage children to the fire station to abandon because those teenagers cause problems. The demand for children far exceeds the supply. Therefore, we should not add to the demand by allowing more people to adopt. Do I think that the state should have any say whatsoever in the adoption business? Nope. But not increasing the demand for children is a good thing indeed.

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