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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

While Rome Burns . . .

Oh, sure, it's easy to see how we can be distracted from all this bailout bill stuff, which is so very hard to understand, especially the part where King Jorge has encouraged CONgress folks, regular people all, to make Henry Paulson the Economic Dictator of the United States. Regular folks seem fine with it.

So we go on this week: two of my sons have Cub Scout popcorn to sell, we are still reeling and thankful to be doing so, after an accident on the 101 last week, en route to the Canoga Park Bowl Comedy show, left us with a punctured gas tank and a torn muffler and three healthy children and their happy-to-be-alive mama. Nothing much happened after I ran over the object on the freeway. Sparks flew from the car in front of me, which I saw run over the object. I had about two seconds to react. I could have, of course, swerved to miss it. But what cars would I hit? And my friend Lenard's daughter died after swerving and trying to get back on the highway, her car losing control and hitting a tree, killing her instantly. Would the boys and I have survived a swerve? Likewise, the thought later occurred to me that I could have instantly put on my brakes, to try and avoid the object. That option, however, may have caused the car(s) behind me to slam right into me, possibly injuring all of us. In those two or so seconds, I am thankful that I did not have time to think: I ran over the object. I could tell that something was wrong with the HO's (Honda Odyssey) muffler and as I was calling Mr. Comic Mom/Thinking Mama, I started smelling gas. The smell seemed to increase in intensity. As I took the nearest exit, Woodman Avenue, I had no idea whether or not the car was going to blow up. I tried hard not to think about it. I stopped and got the boys out. Lots of things could have happened but nothing terrible did. Gas leaked at a rapid rate out of my tank. The fire department (thanks, station 102!) was happy to come and contain the gas so that it would not burn. And AAA came and towed the car away. $1200 later, I am more thankful than ever to be writing these words so easily. When I picked up the HO from Paul's, a wonderful automobile shop near the Gingerbread House, he said he'd seen evidence of lots of cars that ran over something on the 101, with devastating results.

So we have a fascist government?

I like to think that fascism can easily be resolved, but death, not so much. On the other hand, fascism is certainly a problem. And whether we're dead or alive, conscious of the fact or not, willing to do something about the situation or not, we now live under a fascist government. I'm thankful to be alive and living under it, of course, as opposed to being dead and living under it.

The real problem is, however, that not many people care about the fascist government or even know about it. People who were ready to burn Wall Street two weeks ago have settled back into their cushy computer chairs. They may even forget about this nasty bailout stuff in a couple of weeks, when the election comes and goes. Not many traitors will be voted out and none will be executed, no doubt. Washington takes care of its own. I greatly admire Brad Sherman, my own Representative, for telling Congress that he and others were threatened, some with Martial Law, if this bill was not passed. Whoever thought that C-Span would be so very ignored?

Things are much better now, of course, now that the government has agreed to take care of everybody and solve all the problems of the economy. That's happening, right? And not many regular folks know that there is no possible government oversight of Paulson, according to this new law. We have all the information in the world at our fingertips, but it seems not to have made us one iota smarter.

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