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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where are the Christians?

As we've been traveling around Los Angeles and its surrounding areas this week, I can't help but wonder how many people even understand that we no longer live in a free country. America has become a dictatorship and yet, life goes on. We did see, on the way back from the Santa Ana Zoo last week, protestors peacefully chanting, with a drum playing in the background, at South Coast Plaza in Orange County. They were for Ron Paul! We blew the horn. My children noticed them first, as I was driving. But for the rest of Southern California? I haven't seen much change. In Trader Joe's last night, I noticed people buying regular stuff; we were buying a little extra, for an emergency stockpile. Some people are predicting food riots in a couple of weeks or so. I want us to be prepared. No one seems too concerned that CONgress no longer exists as representatives of the people (I know that the proper senatorial role was deleted long ago, when the people started electing senators, not the state legislators, the latter of which the Founding Fathers set up.)

I heard a lot about World Government and the Mark of the Beast when I was growing up in the Southern Baptist Church. Although we don't attend church as much as I did growing up, mainly because our church is in North Carolina and we are not, I do wonder what preachers are preaching these days. Our pastor, Preacher Kenny, preaches the Bible. Still, so very many people in the place where I grew up believe in the Middle Eastern Bogeyman and Bush's efforts to control said bogeyman. So, so, so, I wonder if anyone is dissin' Bush in North Carolina these days, although he has ushered us into a police state and is this very weekend giving us over to a World Government, as he meets in an Emergency Summit. This economic crisis is just as contrived as the 9/11 crisis, although no one has, technically, lost a life in this particular crisis. Nonetheless, the results will be the same: Less freedom, more people-approved socialism, and more dependence on other nations.

Where are the Christians and why is no one speaking up from the Southern Baptist Conference? Could it be that Bush has bought and sold all the big players? After all, the Southern Baptists couldn't even agree to pull all their children out of the government schools. What a shame. What a real shame.

Take a look at this video and perhaps you will see that the New World Order is upon us. It's too bad that many of the people from my church and community don't have Internet access and rely on mainstream media propaganda to form their opinions. And for those who are behind Messiah Obama and think that his change is good, well, you will get what you deserve.

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