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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why is Sarah Palin Running with the Devil?

Okay, I know: I'm so very much against the current war industry and yet, I'm hoping to edit as many proposals as possible for the upcoming DoD deadline. Am I a big old hypocrite? Perhaps. But I also enjoy editing these proposals and I make money doing so. It's nice, also, to see what kind of scientific products the government is interested in. I can live with myself and I sleep well at night (except, of course, when I write these journal entries in the wee hours of the morning :).

But what about Sarah Palin? If it is true that she has a flag of Israel in her Alaska governor's office, as I've read is true, why? Wouldn't she be better off sporting a copy of the U.S. Constitution? Those little details about her, however, don't bother me nearly as much as whom she's aligned herself with: Warmonger McCain. Personally, I don't like what I've heard about McCain's taking a child from another family and culture and pretending that child belongs to him and Cindy. On a larger scale, however, I don't like that McCain seems okay with the whole unConstitutionally declared war thing. From what I've read, Sarah Palin is okay with this war thing, even going so far as to be proud of her older son for fighting for whatever it is we're supposedly fighting for (can somebody remind me again?). One of my favorite writers, Will Grigg, addresses the disparity of Sarah's refusal to have an abortion with her youngest child, who has Down's Syndrome, and yet her eagerness and zeal for her oldest son in going to serve, well, for what cause? I can't see that this Iraqi war has done much to give me or my children more freedoms. In fact, I feel much less free now, and by the increase in laws, I am much less free, than I was in, say, 2000. There is no longer habeus corpus, for instance, which means that I have no right as a person to defend myself, or to know what the authorities are accusing me of. Many Executive Orders and such have been passed that allow the government to snoop into my phone calls, computer records, and such, without my knowledge. Go ask your local librarian, for instance, how comfortable he or she is knowing that a G-man (or G-woman) may come knocking Monday morning and asking questions about the books that a patron has checked out. The librarian must tell the G-person, and cannot tell the patron that the government has been snooping. With results such as these from our supposed war on terrorism, I can't help but wonder whom the government is most afraid of: A supposed bogeyman in the Middle East or people who bother to think and read in the United States. I think that I know the answer. Perhaps Sarah Palin knows the answer as well. But she's not telling. Instead, she's touting the Republican party line, which claims to protect the unborn, but has little regard for the already born in countries that we occupy. Nonetheless, Republicans all over the country are hailing her, feeling akin to her because she's not yet joined the Council on Foreign Relations (although I'm sure that her invitation is in the mail).

Nonetheless, Sarah Palin, now on the payroll of the Republican Party, will continue "Defending Our Nation, Supporting Our Heroes, [and] Securing the Peace," earning the supposed trust of countless numbers of supposedly conservative women around the country.

If you lie down with dogs, you'll more than likely get up with fleas. Whatever Sarah Palin may have said or done previously, whatever tiny bit of respect that she may have once had for freedom, she is now lying with some of the most vicious and uncaring dogs in the country. She's barking what she's told to bark. And she's being what she's told to be.

Many thanks to Jim for alerting me, through his wonderful blog, to this specific Will Grigg column.

I'll leave you with a question: Sarah Palin may or may not have much to do as Alaska's governor, but she makes a good living doing it. I can only imagine how much she's traveling these days as Republican lapdog. Can't conservative women see that a woman who is running for Vice President doesn't have much time to be there as a mom? I don't know what it's like yet to have older children, but I know that an infant and a small child (as her younger two are) take a tremendous amount of time. I do three comedy shows close to my home each week and edit proposals at home and still, I feel as though I don't devote enough time to my children. How can Sarah Palin raise five children and run for Vice President?

Okay, I haven't left yet. I have more questions for so-called conservative women: My friend Tish was telling me recently about a "really conservative" woman that she knows who has cancer. It's especially sad because this woman has two small children. And she works full-time, said Tish. Wait a minute, I said, if she's so conservative, why is she working full-time? This Sarah Palin thing has brought up a similar issue: So, why is it that conservative women these days think it's okay to ship their children to a government school all day and go to the workplace? That's the question I'm leaving you with.

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