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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Talk About Grass and Sheep Will Follow

Sometimes, it really amazes me how much people have become sheeple in the past few years. Imagine what would have happened 100 years ago if your average small town had tried to pass an ordinance stating how high grass should be on private property. Now, these kinds of communistic ordinances are being passed all over the nation, even in the South. What is somewhat amazing to me is that no one bothers to say: This is my private property! You can't tell me how to cut my grass! Instead, socialists dicker over how high the ordinance should allow the grass to be. Of course, placing this whole high-grass-can-attract-rodents thing makes it a public health issue. Of course, public health translates into socialism quite easily.

I was extremely disappointed to see that Elkin, North Carolina, once a pretty free small town, has spiraled into this socialism, totally disregarding public property:

"I believe if we go ahead and approve this ordinance to get it going and set the standard, we can go back and look at the height again," said board member J. L. Lowe. The ordinance was passed with the suggestion that the planning board revisit the height requirements and that another amendment be added at a later date.

The council also dealt with the issue of response time.

"We are also changing the length of time for residents and business owners to respond from 45 to 55 days, to 20 days," said Crater. "This would allow for 10 days mailing and 10 days to respond to the letter informing of the violation."

In other words, you can get a ticket for something that you do on your own private property. Using true socialist media bias, there is no opposing opinion. There is not even the hint of both sides, i.e., that private property rights supercede such ordinances.

Last September, we were in this little town and I went to the cool, new coffee shop there. I learned that business owners are forbidden to flash lighted signs, on their own private property! And folks there think that California is socialist? Okay, it is in a lot of ways, but I'll tell you this: Our neighbor two doors down often goes for a while without mowing his grass. We live with no homeowners association and there is nothing that I know of in the city ordinances that say he can't do that. Each time I see his grass getting too high for my own personal taste, I celebrate the fact that he's able to grow it as high as he wants. As for the supposed potential rodent problem? We have cats to take care of that.

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Jim Wetzel said...

I surely hate details. Maybe that's because my actual degree is in physics, not engineering. If I were a real, dyed-in-the-wool engineer, maybe I'd love details.

But I'm not, and I don't. Details give people a place to hide from thinking, and talking, about principles. Don't talk about whether it's allowable, on principle, for an alleged majority to dictate to a single person how he's to be allowed to live. No, instead, get into an interminable wrangle about the reasonable and equitable and sensible parameters of the dictation. Let's furrow our brows over whether grass is too high at 3.0 inches, or 3.5 inches. Let's go back and forth a few dozen times about whether to give property owners "45 to 55" days to knuckle under, or just 20 days.

It's tempting to think of Americans as being oppressed by their evil, liberty-hating supervisors at the various levels of supervision. Trouble is, I think a majority of Americans themselves have been taught to hate and fear freedom -- their own about as much as their neighbor's. In the last presidential election campaign, I saw a lot of bumper stickers that read, "Bush / Cheney '04: Strong Leadership." If most of us are so pathetically anxious to be "led" as to vote for that, then all I can say is: lock the doors and turn off the lights ... we're done. America's over.