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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Bailout Stuff

I am truly thankful that the House narrowly defeated the $700 billion forced socialism legislation yesterday. However, I'm wondering why I'm having to write "narrowly" here. Why wasn't it a huge defeat? My guess is that the CFR and other buddies, who prop up the evil and completely unnecessary Federal Reserve Bank, are paying off some representatives. Or the reps themselves may be such idiots that they're not even getting paid. Listen to Gary Miller guy, from California, of course. I received this e-mail courtesy of Steven Vincent, who sincerely seems to want to end the Federal Reserve.

The Most Arrogant Lawmaker in America?The Most Arrogant Lawmaker in America?
September 30th, 2008 by Don Rasmussen
“If you just solely rely on the phone calls we’re getting from home, listening to people who don’t understand the complexities of our marketplace and what we’re dealing with here, the easiest vote for you to make would be a no vote today. You have to go beyond that.” - Rep Gary Miller R-CA Dist. 42

Obviously any legislator who would listen to the cries of the serfs over Lord Miller’s superior knowledge and commitment to our nation is a fool. Please let his Lordship know about your knowledge of “the complexities of the marketplace” by giving him a call at (202) 225-3201 in DC and (714) 257-1142 in CA.

If you're reading this blog and you care anything about freedom, call Lord Miller's vassals. I just did and it took two minutes. The vassal was polite and said that he would pass along my message. Please call--it's the only way that these Congress Critters are going to know what's going to happen to them in November if they continue to support forced socialism.

Also, take a look at this essay. Ron Paul predicted this financial problem and in fact, introduced legislation to stop it. But, as always, nobody listened.

Another wonderful essay, brought to my attention courtesy of Dan Black, is by the wonderful Lew Rockwell, someone who does understand the "complexities of our marketplace."

Mainstream media, of course, is telling a different story, lamenting that the bill didn't pass. Don't worry, the elite, as Rockwell said in his article, certainly have an alternate plan for forcing socialism on us and controlling our money supply.

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