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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Increasing the Supply of Children for Adoption

The adoption industry, a $1.5 billion U.S. business that's growing each year, has been so successful with its propaganda that most people actually believe that the supply of children who are available for adoption grossly exceeds the demand. If people really understood that, for instance, there are over 40 potential adopters waiting for each adoptable infant, perhaps they wouldn't look so favorably on adopters when they take an infant from its mother. The demand is much higher than the supply of children. Nonetheless, it never hurts to have more white infants, which are more valuable on the adoption market than children of other ethnicities. Many people will, of course, call me racist for simply stating the truth. I'm not stating my opinion here; my opinion is that children should not be bought and sold at all, whether it be through adoption or slavery or just plain old selling a child. The facts are, however, that more adoptable infants bring more money for lawyers, social wreckers, and others connected with this hideous industry. So-called "Save Haven Laws," passed under the guise of protecting infants, swept the country with some federal government help, and now, voila!, people are dropping off all their children when they get tired of said children. I'm sure that the adoption industry social wreckers are wringing their hands over placing a 17-year-old, not an easy task, but there's also an infant and some smaller children involved and those will bring more money, no doubt. People hate to think of adoption as a business. We've all been brainwashed to think of it as this wonderful entity that helps children. Wake up, folks. It's all about money and breaking up families. The people who really run our government have created lots of things that break up natural families, such as government schools, day care, and adoption. The weaker families are, the more powerful government can be. Weak families and propaganda are why King Jorge can go on television, as he did last night, and tell people that the government needs to bail out huge corporations, setting the stage for national debt that can't be paid. One hundred years ago, people took care of their children and one hundred years ago, such a government bailout would have been met with shotguns at Congress. My, how weak we've become.

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