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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Come On People, Don't Apologize to the Government!

I can't think of an apology to the state that I've ever liked. I read about them all the time though, with the star as people whose ancestors fought in the not-so-civil war between the states, which was basically when the South wanted to secede from the Union, a perfectly Constitutional thing from what I understand, and the North didn't want to lose all that productivity. Of course, it's been revised to have as the main point the whole slavery thing, making white people feel much more guilty than we should and making black people feel far more inferior than they should. But this little p.r. campaign sure has done a lot to make people hate the South.

Nonetheless, it's not at all refreshing to hear that over a century later, the South is producing such wusses as the mother of this man. Actually, I have a bit of admiration for Joseph Pascal Aprea, the 18-year-old man from Malmedy Drive in Holly Springs who had a gun in his car when he picked up his girlfriend. After all, it's his car, isn't it? His private property? Ah, but the state has done such a good job with its government school propaganda that the schools are no longer ours; we belong to the government schools. All of which explains some of the many reasons that my children don't go to government schools. Our local one has a gate around it, like a prison. But even sans gates, this incident, in which a guy was charged and spent the night in jail, merely for having a gun in his car, shows why I don't care to step foot in the place.

Evidently, they're doing a great job these days of confiscating private property, however, making sure that everyone who touches the hallowed ground of a school follows the rules, even when a taxpayer is inside has his or her own car. Oh, that kind of behavior from the government schools doesn't bother me so much anymore. When a tragedy like the one that happened a few months ago at Virginia Tech occurs and people still can't see the value of carrying a gun, well, I don't know what to say. Aprea's mom's comment, however, bothers me more than the government school's decree.

Aprea's mother, Jacqueline Tapp, said this afternoon it was just "a stupid mistake" for her son to leave in his truck the rifle and shotgun he uses for target practice and hunting.

"He just wasn't thinking. He didn't even put two and two together about how protective the schools are now," Tapp said.

Please allow me to translate: In a world in which two out of five of the Most Popular stories in the Raleigh News and Disturber this week concerned Clay Aiken proclaiming that he is gay, Tapp just doesn't understand how her son, whom I'll bet watches Oprah a lot less than she, might even think about disobeying the fine educational system that has evidently brainwashed her into believing that she has no rights on the hallowed ground that she, more than likely, pays some tax money to support. No, instead, she believes that in return for all this "free" education that her son, his girlfriend, and everyone else in Holly Springs seems to salivate to find, she should have to bow to the silly Zero Tolerance of the government schools, a world in which her own son tried to escape unscathed, a world in which a gun on a rack can send you to jail, a world in which a Fuquay-Varina police officer must follow his orders, even though he probably thinks they're pretty stupid and even though he admitted that Aprea had done no harm.

It's pretty obvious that Tapp and her allies at the police department have no understanding of private property, economics, or just plain common sense. Perhaps we can see now how easily King Jorge can persuade us to think that the bailout package is going to help the economy. All this government school education and people can't understand simple economics.

A little Red State Update's "Dumbass Party" seems appropriate here, for all parties involved.

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