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Thursday, July 3, 2008

When Victims Collide

I do plan to talk about the adoption thing more, but first, I simply must pass this story along. Here's a quote that pretty much explains the victimhood of all parties involved:

Aaron Ferguson says in papers filed in Manhattan's state Supreme Court that he has suffered from anorexia for about six years. He says his supervisor repeatedly exhibited "hostile behavior" and made "vile," discriminatory and hurtful comments.

The comments included, "Anorexics are sick in the head," and, "Anorexics should not be able to work," his court papers say.

Ferguson's lawyer, William H. Kaiser, said Thursday, "The things that were said in front of my client were hurtful, and once they knew he had a problem with it they should have stopped."

I feel like kicking all these folks in the back part of their anatomy, no matter how skinny or fat. It scares me that people in the workforce are so very insecure that they cower at the first supposedly harmful comment. If people are being mean to you, here's a novel idea: Find a new f'in' job! Look, it's the same things with people who claim sexual harrassment. There are lots of jobs out there, especially for good workers of all stripes. But it's so much easier to stay the victim, isn't it? Ask the feminists.

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