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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Totalitarian Times

Save the Plastic Bags!

I was in line at Trader Joe's last night, salivating and almost reaching an orgasm (almost) because they have plastic bags. For those of you who are still mourning the loss of plastic bags at Whole Foods, as I am, you can still get them at Trader Joe's, for a while anyway. The guy who checked us out said that Trader Joe's would soon be doing the same. Sigh. This supposedly green sky-is-falling action from Whole Foods has made us have to start buying the big old plastic garbage bags to use in our various trash cans around the house. Thus, our trips to Whole Foods are now less economical: We now have to buy bags instead of getting them "free" with our groceries. Whole Foods was on to this ruse and offered plastic bags by the 500-bag box for sale, of course. I'm not saying that we shouldn't get rid of plastic bags or that they're not nasty to the environment, but if they're so terrible, let us find alternatives. Nonetheless, the guy who checked us out seemed okay with what he'd just heard: The U.S. government is planning a ban on plastic bags by 2010. That the U.S. government would ban anything seems ridiculous to me. But then again, the government is ridiculous these days anyway. I felt a shiver of totalitarianism come over me, especially considering that the guy who told us this news didn't seem to mind that the U.S. government is doing such a ridiculous thing. Look, I recycle and I try to reduce waste, but I don't need a government to tell me to do it.

I thought that this Trader Joe's hearsay might be exactly that, but then I read in this morning's Los Angeles Times that L.A. County is phasing in a ban on plastic bags. Beautiful. The totalitarianism continues. I love this guy's rebuttal, though.

North Carolina Uses Taxpayer Money Wisely--Again!

I'm almost ashamed to tell people I'm from North Carolina. Anymore, that is. You can't buy raw cow's milk there and you can't buy pot legally. But really, is this kind of thing necessary? A guy is busted for growing pot on his back porch? Who are these sheriff's deputies who get off on taking away people's private property? Arghhhh! Evidently, the government school brainwashing is working. Or these sheriff's departments are getting LOTS of federal money for nosing into people's private property. And the real bitch of it all? Nobody seems to be complaining.

As much as I miss my friends and family, I really don't know that I want to live in such a state. On the other hand, we returned from North Carolina to find that California has banned cell phone use while driving, unless you've got a hands-free device. Bluetooth dealers are in heaven. This ridiculous law gives the police one more reason to stop you, but it doesn't help at all with crazy drivers.

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Molly said...

I guess I'm surprised that you're surprised that the government would ban anything...many drugs and same-sex marriage spring immediately to mind, as does discussing assassinating the President in a public place (not that I would recommend such a thing!).

State and local governments, of course, ban a lot more. There's a current debate in Massachusetts about repealing a 1913 law that banned people from marrying here if their marriage wouldn't be recognized in their home state.