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Monday, January 28, 2008

Why I Won't Be Seeing Juno

Jess DelBalzo has written an excellent article regarding adoption and its promotion in Juno, the story of a girl who's more than happy--minus a few tears, of course--to give away her firstborn. Imagine if Mary had done this with Jesus. But today's adoption lobby, fueled by the so-called Christian Right, makes it sound as though a girl should have sex and get pregnant, just so she can give her progeny to a supposedly more deserving couple. Nowhere are the real parents, after the papers are signed. Or maybe in the open adoption, the parents, usually the mother, make a guest appearance on special occasions. This article reminded me of the drivel I've been reading about adoptress Sheryl Crow lately. I read a short article in yesterday's America's Fabian Socialist magazine, Parade, about Crow yesterday, touting her "son." In reality, Sheryl is no mother; never ever is her adoptee's natural mother, or any of his family, mentioned. I guess they're all too busy being excited about losing their son and grandson. Anyway, Jess's article really says a lot. Please pass it on to everyone you know:

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Robin said...

I linked Jess's article to my blog as well, Tricia. I have also looked up the address of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and am sending a protest to them for nominating this drivel for an award. Let's get the word out that mothers and adopted people consider this excuse for entertainment to be an insult!