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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

While The Masses Watch and Cheer

What happens when a student is arrested for asking a question? Mainstream media automatically try to paint him as a kook, of course. Hey, did you see that guy's other videos? They are like, really weird! And he dares to say that celebrity news is not worthy. Why, why, he probably doesn't even watch Oprah!

And so the lemmings are once again sidetracked into an issue that's not so important from an issue that's very important: John Kerry did not a thing to help him, either showing blatent disregard or ignorance for the U.S. Constitution. Then, Kerry had the gall to state that it wasn't any of his concern, that the police, those always benevolent folks funded by federal tax money, must be right. Well, until the police decide to arrest Kerry, which they probably won't, being that he is part of the elite in this country. I don't care if the student was dressed as Coco the Clown, he asked some excellent questions. As our country becomes communist, the crowd merely watches and cheers. So do illegally elected Senators, by the way. Some of my friends who call themselves liberals still have those "Kerry/Edwards, for a new America" bumper stickers. Maybe they should mark out the "c" in America and replace it with "Amerika."

Here's an excellent analysis of the situation by a true patriot, Paul Craig Roberts:

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SlapItHigh said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog googling Ron Paul and I have enjoyed reading your entries!! We have a lot in common. Most of my mama friends IRL who feel the same way that I do about homeschooling, homebirth, vaccinations, etc advocate socialism so finding others who feel the same way about liberty and actually want freedom in *all* aspects of life has been a quest of mine. If you ever have time, come check out:

Libertarian Moms Group

Moms For Ron Paul

Your insights there would be much appreciated :)