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Monday, September 3, 2007

Another Reason Not To Vote For John Edwards

I really wish John Edwards weren't a socialist. I'd like to vote for him. Really, I would. After all, he's from North Carolina. And his wife seems nice enough. But come on, mandatory health care, for everyone? Whether you want it or not?

You can read all about it at this story, but the bottom line is that far, far too many people believe that health care is a human right. I was talking with an otherwise intelligent woman the other night, someone I've always admired, who told me just that. She's over 60, which is supposed to mean that someone is wise, but the fact that people can't see that insurance and health care in general is a HUGE privilege that only those of us born in the past few decades have been lucky enough to enjoy shows me that socialism is all around us, and, unfortunately, gaining ground.

What if I don't want a mammogram? Tough cookies, according to John Edwards. What if I don't want to have my children immunized or checked for "mental health" by a government expert? Health care for all means all, whether you want it or not. And not having the freedom to decide, to choose and purchase your own health care, if you wish to have any (and some people do not want insurance) is one of the fundamental rights of living in a free country. John Edwards would like to change that and make his particular brand of health care, financed by the many pharmaceutical companies that support him, mandatory for everyone.

That's one of the MANY reasons I'm supporting Ron Paul.

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