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Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Well-Meaning Adoptress

For those of us who've been unbrainwashed by seeking and finding the truth about adoption, it seems especially odd for a mom of two sons to seek other children to adopt. This week, at one of my son's classes, a white adoptress had a black baby in her sling. Either she changed dads since the boys or she adopted, I thought. I found out soon after seeing her that she, a la Madonna, has a little black baby that is not hers, and will never be hers, riding on her hip. Funny how one never seems to see a black mom or adoptress (or both) with a white baby on her hip. Nonetheless, the Madonna adoption complex seems to have hit L.A. It's a real shame.

I have a real problem with someone who not only takes someone else's child and pretends to be the mother, but who seems proud of her legal kidnapping. I find, however, that many people have been so brainwashed by the $1.5 billion adoption industry that they rejoice when an adoptress takes a child. They also mourn when a real mom takes back her baby. With such brainwashed people in the United States, it's no wonder that the "War on Drugs," "War on Terror," and "War on Poverty" can so easily slip by the American people. Let's face it: Most people are so glued to the television that they've lost their intuition, the intuition that says a mom and baby belong together. In the rare circumstances where a mom and baby need to be separated, let's call a spade a spade and not pretend that the family who raises the child is the child's real family. But then again, people might have to turn off American Idol and the nightly news to think about that one.

By the way, while having a Thinking Mama Barbie Beauty Day yesterday, I picked up a copy of People or some other celebrity gossip magazine (sorry, they all look pretty much the same to me:). Sure enough, adoptress Sheryl Crow was being hailed as a "mother" and the real mom of the child she was holding, a child that is longing for its mom, was conveniently left out of the article. My guess is that Sheryl, like Sharon Stone, went to Gladney or one of those other agencies that cajole moms by giving them scholarships, et al. for taking away their baby. Well, Sheryl's new adoptee will have all the comforts of Hollywood, a real blessing to a child who so recently lost its most important connection, the one to its real mom.


Carla said...

Interesting viewpoint but how do you align this with the right of private contract? If birth parent and adoptive parent(s) enter into a private agreement, who are you to foist your moral opinion on them? Or, are you simply saying you don't like it (which is OK, last time I looked your opinion was still protected--barely!) but still believe people should be allowed to adopt if they so choose? Or, to make it more muddy... can a parent contract to sell a child?, or is it always contra bona mores?

Thinking Mama said...

It is every right of parents to give away children privately, although personally, I find it appalling. And it's every potential adopter's right to buy a child. I don't think that the government should regulate this transaction. Still, personally, I find the trading of a child horrid.

yourstruelysincerely said...

Thinking Mama,

I love your posts only those WHO have been hurt by adoption could possibly understand.

Thank you from a reunited mother of aodption loss here in U.S.

lost my son in 66 to closed record system. Found him in 93 and successfully reunited. WE have been together ever since!


I Love Purple More Than You said...

Hi, I'm that Gymboree Mom you mentioned, you know the "Well-Meaning Adoptress". I found your post about me years ago, but instead of commenting, I just blogged about your post on my own blog. It's funny you accepted my younger son as my legitimate son because you didn't realize he was adopted too. Oh yes, his birthmom chose us to be his parents and she's still a part of our lives. She was adopted herself and she is very pro-adoption.

As for my daughter, I find it ridiculous you would make such judgments about a baby you know nothing about. You think it's preferable for an orphan to grow up and age out of an African orphanage and then live on the streets, than to be raised by a loving family?

You of course are entitled to your opinion, no matter how ridiculous they are. My main problem with you is that you would go out of your way to be sugary sweet to my face and ask questions about my adoption of my daughter, only to slam me on your blog. I can't stand two-faced people. I'd have more respect for you if you had acted like you didn't approve TO MY FACE.

Oh, and "Thinking Mama" doesn't do your blog justice. I think you should call it, "Angry, Judgmental Mama".