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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sheryl Crow-Latest Celebrity Adoptress

So, Sheryl Crow has decided to join the list of celebrity adopters, people who have enough money to rabidly defend their decision to take away a child from his (in this case) mother.

I'm as disappointed in Crow's decision to rip apart a natural family as I was in Madonna's. I'd always thought that Crow had some kind of respect for family, but evidently I was wrong. When you read the article, you'll note that Crow gives no homage whatsoever to the boy's natural family. It's all about HER, HER, HER, and her latest acquisition, a child.

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yourstruelysincerely said...

This is as disgusting as Angelina Jolie, they are using the children they adopt as another way to get into the media spotlight, again. Who actually takes care of her kids while she is galavanting all over the country, all over the world, making movies going to premieres. The NANNY who is more a mother than these adoptress.

Using adoptee's like "props" for their careers.

Just because one can buy a baby doesn't mean they should have one.

Sharon Stone, Rosie, Madonna, Jolie, oh, my the list is so long in Hollywood.

But the list is just as long in our countries "elites" the politicians who make the laws, and can buy their second or third wife a baby.

McCain being one of them,His wife came home with a baby, guess the rich have their ways to do things and the poor just lose their babies because they are poor. Did McCain even want a baby? After all Cindy was dealing with her own problems, prescription drugs, etc.

Grassley, Hutchinson who adopted some newborns at grandma age, lets see there is Roberts who adopted from Ireland by the way of a South American country. Talk about going around the laws of our nation and he is on our Supreme Court.