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Saturday, March 3, 2007

The REAL ID Propaganda Begins!

For those who haven't read my latest LRC article on the REAL ID, it happened to appear just days before Homeland Security (misnomer that it is) czar, Michael Chertoff, decided to take the two steps backward, one step forward approach, so very popular with the Fabian Socialist crowd, and give states another few months to comply. Oddly enough, there's some deal going on with "Republican senator" from Maine, who is a sponsor of an anti-REAL ID bill.

We must remember, however, that our power elite have the help of mainstream media, including those supposedly conservative or supposedly liberal rags that tout what our socialist elite leaders (those behind the scenes, not King Jorge and his show-and-tell bunch) want for us. Let's be clear on this point: They want to track us. They want to know where we are at all times and they want to have access to all information about us. Even if they never use said information, it will at least be there . . . just in case.

Just last night, I was watching Huell Howser's California Gold, one of my favorite PBS shows, and he was in downtown Los Angeles. He was talking to a friendly policeman (they're always friendly on television) and our wonderful officer of the law was telling him how fabulous it is that downtown L.A. has surveillance cameras, to, you know, catch people doing crime. Uh, isn't that what the police are for?!?

Nonetheless, people buy the whole security thing hook, line, and sinker, and readers of the National Review are no exception. Or so the power elite think. As with the policeman on Huell Howser's show, the National Review assures us that the REAL ID is something we all need; if we don't already love the idea of it, we're, of course, whiners and complainers. You know how it goes.

But here's my very favorite two sentences of the whole thing:
Of the two main gripes—ideological and fiscal—the first is easy to deal with. The act simply does not create a national ID card. Any modern society must have a means of identifying people—for national security, business transactions, and more.

Yes, yes, I know it's actually three sentences, but the first one, which paints those of us who are fully against the REAL ID (and the Mark of the Beast, et al.) has gripers, complainers, whiners, and wimps, is such a lovely piece of propaganda that I had to include it as well.

Okay, so here's my very favorite part: "The act simply does not create a national ID card," followed by the supposed fact that any "modern society must have a means of identifying people." Well, in other words it'll be the national ID card that isn't a national ID card. Methinks that the editors at the National Review certainly need a lesson in, well, logic. But who can afford the time for such a class when one is being paid off by the power elite to write such drivel?

A thankful nod to Vox Day's blog for the link to the National Review story.

1 comment:

William said...

I just read, elsewhere (but could not find a comment box), another blog entry of yours where you correctly identify the creeping totalitaianism in your country.

I wholeheartedly agree with you that your freedoms are being eroded fast and irreversibly in the name of this insane "war on terror" and under the aegis of keeping the American people safe. HOWEVER! What ARE you talking about when you blame Socialism for the Police State that the U.S.A. is dangerously becoming? SOCIALISM? Is Bush a Socialist? Are any of his Government ministers, advisers Socialist? Is the American Civil Service Socialist? Are your vast security agencies Socialist? Are your Republican and Democratic politicians in Washington Socialist? Are your armed forces Socialist? Are your media Socialist? Please investigate what SOCIALISM means!

I am a Socialist through and through and I have NOTHING in common with the RIGHT-WING CRIMINALS who are tightening their grip all the time over your land and endangering this World in the name of freedom, when in fact what they want is TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION. Have you heard of the PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY, published a few years ago as a clear and unambiguous blueprint for what it calls "TOTAL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE". These highly NON-Socialist people want to rule the planet, space even, FOREVER. They don't hide it.

You have clearly correctly identified the threats to your freedoms and I am assuming your heart is in the right place, but your political reasoning leaves a lot to be desired. As my e-mail address hints at, the only kind of domination I thrive on is FEMALE DOMINATION, preferably with my Goddess/wife wearing one of Her many pairs of sexy and kinky boots! Bye for now!