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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Paying For Babies

It's not enough that adoption agencies are providing scholarships for moms who give their babies to strangers. Ahem, love their babies enough to give them away. No, push has come to shove and, evidently, the 40 couples vying for each adoptable infant is just too much for the government, which subsidizes adopters for taking babies from their moms, to swallow. Now, Texas, the great state from which King Jorge came to his current throne, is trying to make it even more wonderful for a mom to give her child to those supposedly more deserving adopters. By golly, don't moms who agree to give away their child deserve $500?!? Well, I can only say that Texas seems to be in the lead of the recycling children campaign. As a recycled child, however, I can only say that their prominence indeed sucks.

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